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Absolute Monarchy Paragraphs

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Absolute Monarchy Paragraphs
What would it be like to be the queen and rule an absolute monarchy? I feel it would be the best to be the queen and have all the say. An absolute monarchy would be best as no elections have to take place. Being the leader of an absolute monarchy means you have no one to answer to. Lastly, an absolute monarchy would be best because the leader can charge as much tax as you want because you are in charge.

Being the leader of an absolute monarchy means I don't have to call for an election because there is no such thing. Elections take a long time to arrange and process the votes but when I am in charge we would never need an election. Many monarchies have been abolished to this day. I would have all the say in any decision made to deal with a country and it's citizens. If someone wanted to lower the taxes I would have the only decision made and I would not consult anyone else about the matter. I wouldn't need to take opinions from others as I make the decisions without getting others opinions and views on the situation. As the ruler of the absolute monarchy I would have the most wealth. I could make the taxes as high as I wanted to because it is my decision. I would be able to charge the citizens whatever amount I want because I am on top and have all the wealth.

In conclusion, being the leader of an absolute monarchy means you have all the power. Having no elections, being the wealthiest and making all the decisions without anyone's impute, must mean it's the best form of government to be the leader of. " The best reason why monarchy is a strong government is, that it is an intelligible government. The mass of mankind understand it, and they hardly anywhere in the world understand any other." - Walter Bagehot, was a British journalist, businessman and essayist was passed away in 1877.…...

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