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This film is produced pretty much the same as what Shakespeare would have put it in theatre. This film is produced with a Juliet who is very young also Romeo is also very young. In this film you can see that the risk and tenseness of his film has a lot of suspension. The setting of this film is has been made so it is the same as Shakespeare, apart from the fact that he S I Romeo is supposed to be in an orchard but instead he is in an over grown garden beneath Juliet’s balcony. The screen play in this film is very tense and the suspense in the film is very dramatic. This is because the garden is so close to her balcony and you wonder if she would here Romeo climbing through all of the trees.
The setting in this made it very realistic because in the period of time that this film was set, you wouldn’t expect a big and artificial setting, so in this film they only have the moon light and the candle light coming from the house. This gives the feeling that it was at the end of the party and that Juliet is supposed to be in bed. The moon light makes the whole scene seem very romantic and tense. With the candle light Romeo can see Juliet but she can’t see him, it is almost like there is a spot light on Juliet. The movement in this is very minimalistic; this is shown by Juliet leaning over the edge of her balcony, and Romeo hiding in the trees until he speaks to her. The casting of the film was very much the same as Shakespeare would’ve had it, Juliet is very young and Romeo is also very young. The costumes help create this effect because Juliet Is in a very tight white dress this shows purity and Romeo is still in what he wore to the party. All of the costumes are very simple this shows the era they lived in. There is no sound in this scene so that I think lets you think of your own music you would want to put there. The whole film is very simple and very Elizabethan and I think is how I would picture a piece of Shakespeare’s work.…...

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