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(R) CIFS PYP Assessment Policy
Assessment in the PYP
PYP Definition: Assessment is the gathering and analysis of information about student performance. It identifies what students know(knowledge), understand(concepts), can do(skills) and feel(attitudes/action) at various stages in the learning process.

It is the means by which we analyze student learning and the effectiveness of our teaching and acts as a foundation on which to base our future planning and practice. It is central to our goal of guiding the child, from novice to expert, through the learning process.
(Primary Years Program Assessment Handbook, January 2000. © International Baccalaureate Organization) Assessment is an integral part of the PYP curriculum which is the sum total of learning and teaching in schools. It is made up of three closely interrelated components.
The written curriculum or What do we want to learn?
The five essential elements: knowledge, concepts, skills, attitudes and action which the school identifies in the written curriculum.

The taught curriculum or How best will we learn?
The teaching strategies which will best support the types of learning that the programme seeks to promote.

The assessed curriculum or How will we know what we have learned? Approaches to assessment, recording and reporting. (Making the PYP Happen: Figure 3, September 2000. © International Baccalaureate Organization)
The assessment component in the school’s curriculum can be further subdivided into three closely related areas: * Assessing : How we discover what students have learned * Recording : How we make note of our findings about what students have learned * Reporting : How we pass on that information on to the parents,…...

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