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Your Next Step to Success

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Your Next Step to Success

Most of the population dreads the task of searching for employment. This is no surprise considering that actually looking, applying, receiving an interview and then successfully getting hired is an extremely time consuming and tiresome task; one that often results in multiple dead ends before actually achieving success. Although almost everyone will struggle through the same general hardships when searching for a job, there are multiple steps that can be taken in order to help you find and successfully become employed.
The advantage of being a college graduate means that not only do you have the precise qualifications to succeed in a given position but that you also have probably made a decision on your career field. Knowing where you are going is the first step to getting there. Often times, people are overwhelmed with finding employment because they don’t know where to start. So, naturally the first step to success is deciding where to start. First, mentally decide on your ideal work environment. It is important to set clear and reasonable standards for yourself. Next, take note of all the local businesses that require your specific career field and then begin making calls to find out which ones are looking for employees and what each position has to offer you. At this point you will now have a list of potential employers that both require your assistance and provide you with a beneficial and fulfilling work environment.
After deciding which positions you would like to apply for you will fill out an application. This process is possibly the simplest task in searching for employment. However, in importance it falls just below your actual interview. You should be prepared to provide personal information about yourself, references and relevant experiences and qualifications. Take the time to fully read and answer any questions you possibly can. Remember to be honest and thorough. A well filled out application, with relevant and valid information will be the difference between receiving an interview and being tossed to the bottom of the pile. Inevitably, you will have to wait for a response after you have submitted your application. However, waiting does not mean forgetting about this opportunity until you receive a phone call for an interview. You will not be the only person applying for this position so it is crucial that you stand out from all those other people in some way. The best way to do this is by becoming an actual person in the stack of papers. This means that your employer will be screening through tons of applications, reading redundantly the same qualifications and experiences. Your next task is to walk in and ask to speak to this employer. It is possible that they will not be able to speak with you, but you will be able to have someone pass along your name to them. This small act demonstrates your determination to work with this business. Now, not only do you have the qualifications but you are now going to stand out when the employer reads your name on the top of your application. You just made a statement, “Hey, I want to work here. Remember me.” It will work.
After much anticipation, you finally receive an interview. It’s natural to be nervous; but these vital next steps will help you walk into your interview confidently and leave with success after all your hard work. During this interview, your potential employer will be looking for someone responsive, confident, professional, qualified and reliable. Now would be a good time to mentally prepare yourself to be confident and collected by taking some time to remind yourself why you desire and deserve this job. Build your confidence up by reminding yourself that you are prepared for this position and you will do an excellent job because you are educated and motivated to succeed. Confidence allows you to remain calm when your employer begins asking you questions about your personal life and what you have to offer his company. Your attitude and demeanor should reflect your personality as well as a professional appearance that is appropriate for this specific position. Aside from your overall attitude, it should be your priority to physically appear professional. The day of your interview would be a good day to shower and dress in casually formal clothing such as slacks and a nice button up shirt or blouse. Take the time to make your hair look decent and brush your teeth. Employers want to hire people that will help promote their reputation and business. Half of promoting a business is the actual quality of work and the other is the outward appearance and kindness of their employees. Demonstrate that you will provide all of these qualities.
Just like almost every opportunity we are faced with in life, finding employment is a challenging task. Thankfully challenging does not mean impossible. The most important thing to remember is to never stop trying. Never forget that you CAN and WILL find a job. Motivate yourself daily by reminding yourself how worth-while your career will be. More than your education itself, your physical appearance and reliably confident personality are keys to successfully becoming employed. Determination and persistence will pay off.…...

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