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Your Future Plans

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Your future plans 1. What would you like to be in the future? Why? ( doctor, builder, street vendor, flight attendant, director, accountant, prime minister, lawyer, engineer, artist, computer programmer, secretary, bartender, interpreter, translator, 2. What job can bring more money than others? Is it honest or dishonest? 3. Do you plan your future by yourself? Would you like it if yours is arranged by others? 4. What have you done so far to pave the way for your future? 5. What preparations do you think are necessary for your future job? 6. Are you high – flier? What are your ambitions? 7. Are you happy when all your plans come true? And what would you do with your success? Would you give of some of your money to charity to help the disabled or the poor? 8. Are you willing to listen to someone’s advice about your future plan? Do you think it is necessary for you? 9. Do you know much information about employment tendency in the future? What is it? 10. What do you think the government should do to prepare Vietnamese young people for their future jobs? Your likes and dislikes 1. Weather: 2. Food: 3. Music: 4. Sports: 5. Work: 6. Clothes: 7. People:
How to be a good friend? 1. Do you have any close friends? How many? Are they girls or boys? 2. Tell us about your closest friend his/her good sides and bad sides: friendliness, politeness, honesty, sympathy, sincerity, optimism, selfishness, jealousy, etc. 3. Is there anything that you have learnt from him/her and his/her behavior? 4. If you are in troubled situation, does your friend help you, in what way and into what extent? 5. How loyal are you to your friends? Do you think friendship can last long time or just short time? Why? Why not? 6. How much and how long would you support and help him/her? 7. How much tolerance do you have for his/her…...

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