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1*Gender male female

3*How much time taken for you to spend your time in the internet?
Less than one hour
1-2 hours
2-4 hours
4-5 hours
6-8 hours
8-12 hours
12-18 hours
More than 18 hours
4*What did you do on the Internet?
Social media
Video streaming
Online games
Electronic news
Checking e-mails
5*For what purpose you spend your time in the internet? To socialize
Online shopping
Education purpose
Checking news
6*Which feature of socializing you often use by using Internet connection?
e-mails online chat you prefer to socialise by SMS
7*What kind of internet messenger service you usually use?
Black Berry Messenger
Kakao Talk
We Chat
Yahoo Messenger
Facebook chat
8*with so many alternatives to use, do you still find SMS to be appealing? yes no
9*with so many features given by te internet, do you still find yourself to be more knowledgeable and up-to date? yes not sure
10*internet has been giving opportunities for people to operate small businesses, these small businesses have been growing for the past decade. Do you ever try to shop online? yes no
11what site(s) do you usually shop in the internet? e-bay amazon instagram facebook kaskus etsy deviantart others
12*what kind of things you usually buy online? clothing (clothes, jacket, pants) accessories make-up, perfume, skin care electronic devices food appliances movies others
13*has Interenet gice significant impacs in your job performance? yes no
14*if there is no internet connection or if you are unable to access the internet, what activity you usually do? you may choose more than one answer spend time with family rest do assignment or tasks doing your hobbies cleaning the house others 15*by using interenet on daily basis. what are/is the…...

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