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Why so Any Versons of the Bible

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Why So Many Versions of the Bible? By: Catherine Jewell University Of Phoenix January 19, 2013 172/ Composition and Communication II
This Thesis is about the many different Bible Versions and which one of them comes closest to the original manuscripts; that were written many years ago. There are eight (8) primary Versions of the Bible. There are several modern day English versions but only eight Primary Versions. The Septuagint 250 A.D. Written in Greek Vulgate, Luther’s German Bible 1534 A.D., King James Version 1611 A.D., and this one has a large number of errors given that its writers did not have a decent understanding of Hebrew, Revised Standard Version-1952 A.D., New International Version- 1960’s-1970’s, the New King James Version, and the Young’s Literal Translation, which according to popular demand is the closest to the original manuscripts. There is still one more and that is called the Tyndale New Testament Version 1523. The oldest Bible still is the Codex Sinaiticus, which was written in Greek.
Now the question is why are there so many translations? According to Dr. Dale Robbins in an article called “Why so many Bible Versions”, he stated that for over 300 (three hundred Years) the King James 1611 Version was the only version to read. However, when the language stated to make changes and our culture started to change it became very difficult for people to understand the Bible, so, they came up with an idea to translate the Bible into everyday language so that people could have a better understanding of God’s word. ( Robbins 2012, “ Why so Many Bible Versions” para. one


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