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Why Iwant O Have a Own Business

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My obsession is
Dream job The reason I want to have my own business is to be my own boss and I can do the way I want to fix it the problem the way I like to do it not the way someone tell me the way they want me to do it. I don’t like that so that why I want to make my own business to make me fill that I can do it on my own without no one help .that I got my goal complete. I would do all this on my own and my own terms and that I make it work all by myself without know one help my pay for it or help and help me make it a good business with just me I would be so happy that I was the one that made it on my own that would make me so happy that I did it from going to school to get the degree to have my own business to getting the building that I want to having my own business in and have all the customer to come back to my shop by doing a good job on my own without no one help doing it . For make it a good business to make it as a fancies all own my own time and my own money and my own experiences that what I hope that I can do for make throw the class to get it all complete own my own I hope I can do it. I be so happy that I made all this come true by myself and I hope this make my family prod to because I did this without their help get it. And then I will give people job after I make all this come true and I hope it come true that will make me so happy that I have my dream job that I all way want to have by doing it all by myself that will be so all some that I did it then I want to have a family one my own to and they will be supported and they don’t have to worry about nothing but there work or school and that it that want I want to have in the future for me and my family. To have and I made all this come true on my own time and my own heart that what to do it so going to make it all come true because that what I what in my heart so it will come true I will make sure it will and I hope my family will like it too like I like it now and This is why I want to have my own business I hope this will till yells why I want to have it so bad and why I want to do it by my self…...

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