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What We Know About the Development of Intercultural Maturity

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What We Know About the Development of Intercultural Maturity
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What We Know About the Development of Intercultural Maturity Cultural diversity is the opposite of monoculture. It only refers to diverse culture or quality of various (Banks, 1997). Cultural diversity also means respect between different cultures that exist. It sometimes implies the existence of a variety of cultures like what we have in the world today, whereby particular culture occupy a particular region in the world (Banks, 1998). Globalization has been said to have had adverse effects on diversity in the world today (Banks, 1997). Culture influences how society members share experiences, heir values, fears, worries and hopes, culture moulds the perception and understanding of a community about the world. Culture enhances equitability and justice in the society (Banks, 1997). My goal in this paper is to discuss cultural diversity and particularly what we know about the development of intercultural maturity (Banks, 1998). Students from diverse social class, regions, ethnic and racial groups always perform and achieve differently in the schools (Banks, 1997). This act leads us to the need for equality in the education system; this will in turn close of the diversity gap. Intercultural Maturity is developed by formulation and implementation of multicultural education policies that will abolish culturally based education systems. Culturally biased education systems hurt education in that they might lead to racial discrimination and inequalities more so to the minorities. According to (Banks, 1997), and other authors in this field, there are numerous benefits that result from multicultural education systems. Different authors have defined multicultural education differently. Multicultural education goes beyond education that is based on differences, it is…...

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