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What Is Ohm's Law

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Ohm’s Law

What is Ohm’s Law?
Ohm’s Law is a law relating the voltage difference between two points, the electric current flowing between them, and the resistance of the path of the current. Mathematically, the law states that V = IR, where V is the voltage difference, I is the current in amperes, and R is the resistance in ohms. For a given voltage, higher resistance entails lower current flow.

Where did it originate from?
Ohm's Law comes from Georg Simon Ohm who was born in Bavaria in 1789. His father taught him philosophy, chemistry, mathematics and physics. In 1806 Ohm became a mathematics teacher in Switzerland. In 1811, Ohm received a doctorate from Erlangen and then became a mathematics lecturer. In 1820, he learned of Oersted's electromagnetism discovery, began experimenting with electricity, and convinced himself of what is now known as Ohm's law. In 1825, he published a paper that explains the decrease in electromagnetic force (The fundamental force associated with electric and magnetic fields), which is proportional to current, around a wire as its length is increased. He published two papers in 1826 that mathematically describe electrical conduction in circuits. In 1827 he published his famous book Die Galvanische Kette, mathematisch bearbeitet, which contains what we now know as Ohm's law.

How is it used?
Ohm's Law can be used to solve simple electrical circuits. A complete circuit is one which is a closed loop. A closed loop circuit is an electric circuit providing an uninterrupted, endless path for the flow of current. It contains at least one source of voltage and at least one potential voltage drop, for example; a place where potential energy decreases. The sum of the voltages around a complete closed loop circuit is zero.

How do you use it?
Ohm's Law can be stated as…...

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