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What Is Education?

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What Is Education?
Education is a way of imparting knowledge and experience to another individual. We have to see education as a way to mold and form a mind instead of just another way of living, although I agree that we need education in order to live well and perform fully in our society. As responsible persons to teach others, especially children, we need to understand that education cannot be given to everyone in the same way. All individuals are unique and have different needs to understand and gain knowledge. When we decide what professional field to follow it will not only be to get a paycheck, but because we have decided to be better individuals and if possible to make others, better individuals. A teacher is not only there to get closer to the summer or to get higher state tests scores in order to get funds for the school or to have their picture taken with the school board at the end of the school year but to form those who will have the future in their hands. As individuals we should sit and think that those children that attend school today are our police, doctors, teachers, and leaders we will have in our elder years. I had a conversation with a teacher the other day and she said: “5th graders are terrible, they misbehave horrible, how scary that they will lead us in the future”. So, I am there, thinking: “and what did you do when they were your preschoolers to help form what they are right now?” Teachers complain so much about children, but what do they do to change the way they are right now in order for them to be better tomorrow? Teachers are evaluated and praised on how much they do for the school, they stay after school, they help on fundraisers, they painted their classroom, they are involved in many committees, they have a good relationship with the principal, but, what are they doing inside the classroom with the students? Are they giving their…...

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