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Work harder, try harder, and be better! This is the parenting structure that the Chinese mother uses to effectively parent their children; whereas, western mother’s focus more on individuality and letting their children decide their own interest and path. The major differences between these two parenting styles is the methods in which the parents drive their children, the views of both the child and parent on success and failure, and the responsibilities the child will endure once they have grown up. Keep in mind that these are just two parenting styles out of the numerous other ways to parent a child. All styles should be considered when determining what is the best style for you and your child. Please remember that this essay will only discuss these two styles and the ways in which they are different.

“Driving” our children is undoubtedly an important factor as parents that we must do to ensure that our children reach the success that they deserve. These styles of parenting reach this success level in a two very different ways. Amy Chua, in her book Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, discusses a story in which she pushes her child, Lulu, to complete a piano piece perfectly. She explains the difficulty behind the piece and how her daughter was unsure of herself and he abilities to do this piece perfectly. The story goes on to say that Chua resulted to threats of donating her toys to the Salvation Army if she does not perform the piece perfectly and even resulted to screaming. She screamed to the point where she lost her voice. The “war”, as she describes it, turned worse. “I rolled up my sleeves and went back to Lulu. I used every weapon and tactic I could think of. We worked right through dinner into the night, and I wouldn't let Lulu get up, not for water, not even to go to the bathroom. The house became a war zone, and I lost my voice yelling.”(Chua). This “war”…...

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