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Weimer Response There are many challenges presented to students in classrooms everyday. Whether it’s something of their own doing like being unmotivated, or something more out of their control like having a bad professor, struggling in college is very easy to do. These types of problems are exacerbated in online classroom settings because the student is left on their own to get the work assigned by their professor completed. They’re basically teaching themselves the content, and that makes it extremely easy to get caught behind if they lack motivation. For me, though, I’m prepared for this because I have that determination and self-starting attitude needed to succeed in an online course. While I can adapt to many different learning and teaching methods, the one that is best for me is one where I’m given the resources needed to succeed in a course and have access to the professor for any questions I may have about any particular assignment. From there, I like to be sent on my own where I’m expected to complete the work. In this class I’d like to see us incorporate peer feedback when we have essay assignments. I feel it gives the students a chance to see how each other interprets the subject, give tips on how to make their work better, and it may give us ideas in future essays. It also gives the professor a chance to allow the students to see our own writing how they see it when reading it. That way, students can have a better feel on what the professor wants in an essay when they’re writing on their own. This semester I’d like to be a student who develops different styles of writing and interpreting text. I feel these are two my biggest weaknesses when it comes to writing so they’ll be my two main focuses for this semester. Also, starting and finishing my work days before the due date are things I want to accomplish this semester. Doing these two things…...

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