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Week 4 Team Reflection

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Week 4 Reflection


Week Four Reflection

Once again, Team C has had another week full of different information, which is critical to each persons’ major. In order to ensure that each member understood important parts of week four, each member chose an objective and wrote about it. Objectives which were discussed among team members of Team C include the channel of distribution, push and pull strategies, and direct and indirect distribution strategies.
Channels of Distribution Channels of distribution are any series of firms or individuals who participate in the flow of products form producer to final user or consumer (Perreault, Cannon, & McCarthy, 2011, p. 284). The flow of products between the firm, intermediaries, and consumers is a large part of the overall profit margin of a firm that requires marketing teams to dedicate substantial time and planning towards choosing the appropriate channels. Distribution channels are a firms way in which they can get products to from manufacture to intermediaries and consumers in a direct or indirect manner that revolve around the Place within the marketing mix. Direct and Indirect Distribution The direct method of distribution channels involves going directly to the consumer. Firms bypass the intermediary (wholesaler) and issue the product to the consumer at the wholesaler’s price. This method is most often used for new product introduction or within geographic location setting in which the consumer is better suited to deal directly with the firm. Indirect distribution channels are the most common. Firms issue their product to intermediaries, such as stores or online sales sites who in turn sell the product to the consumer. Most consumers find this method of obtaining products much more convenient, reducing…...

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