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Project Context A system is said to be effective if the end is realized with a maximum of success while using a minimum of means. To test, therefore, the effectiveness of the inmate system, the end or the objectives and the means or the strategies availed of to secure the desired end must be examined. According to A. Sarras, N.D., in today’s world Management Information System, a computerized processing system is needed in generating information for the people in the organization to meet the information needed in decision making to achieve the corporate objective of the organization. In any organization, small or big, a major portion of the time goes in data collection, processing, documenting it to the people. Hence, a major portion of the overheads goes into this kind of unproductive work in the organization. Every individual in an organization is continuously looking for some information which is needed to perform his/her task. Hence, the information is people-oriented and it varies with the nature of the people in the organization.
The difficulty in handling this multiple requirement of the people is due to a couple of reasons. The information is a processed product to fulfill an imprecise need of the people. It takes time to search the data and may require a difficult processing path. It has a time value and unless processed on time and communicated, it has no value. The scope and the quantum of information is individual-dependent and it is difficult to conceive the information as a well-defined product for the entire organization. Since the people are instrumental in any business transaction, a human error is possible in conducting the same. Since a human error is difficult to control, the difficulty arises in ensuring a hundred percent quality assurance of information in terms of completeness, accuracy, validity, timelines and…...

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