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Work Breakdown for maintaining aboveground swimming pool
The industry involved in the following work breakdown study is household recreation. The high level deliverables of the project include a single summer season of safe and healthy family fun in the water, including appropriate levels of water sanitation and safe levels of appropriate chemicals. Since the pool has already been constructed, this WBS concerns only pool maintenance. The resources required for this project are minimal and include $300 in common pool maintenance products available at home improvement and pool specialty retailers. This project requires labor equivalent to roughly three hours per week aggregated over a three-month period.
This generic WBS was used to maintain the pool, and it was effective in organizing maintenance efforts and ensuring timely testing. A scheduling system was devised through the use of a disposable weekly checklist and countdown timer. This was marginally effective, as sometimes, workers did not strictly adhere to timetables despite the aforementioned tools. Project status reports describe the completeness of various recurring tasks and assign percent completion to these tasks. An informal status reporting system was used for pool maintenance and was effective, as workers were always informed as to whether previous work had been completed, and whether to proceed with their own assigned tasks in proper succession.

Work Package 1: Alkalinity (TA) –ongoing, 3.5 months -Test twice-weekly using test strips (range 80-150 ppm) Test TA before testing for pH Dip test strip into water for 5 seconds Resources- test strips -Adjust TA level accordingly –ongoing, 3.5 months
If TA is too low, add product Alkalinity Control, if too high, add product pH Minus Resources- Alkalinity Control, pH Minus

Work Package 2: Maintain proper pH –ongoing, 3.5 months -Test twice-weekly using test strips Dip pH test strip into water for 5 seconds Resources- test strips -Adjust pH level according to test strip readings (range 7.4-1.8) If pH is too high, and TA is optimal, add product pH Minus If pH is too high and TA is also too high, see if TA adjustment also brings down pH Resources- pH test strips, pH Minus Work Package 3: Maintain proper calcium hardness –ongoing, 3.5 months -Test once monthly (range 200-400 ppm) Dip test strip into water for 5 seconds
Raise hardness with product Calcium Hardness Treatment; drain some water to lower hardness Resources- Calcium Hardness Treatment (Contributors, 2013)

Work Package 4: Sanitize pool water –ongoing, 3.5 months -Test for free chlorine with Nature2 CF system (target- 0.5 ppm)
Allow Nature2 CF system to operate until a reading has been recorded. Use Natur2 CF system to sanitize pool water (see appendix)

This essay and work breakdown structure represents the plan used for maintaining an aboveground pool for one entire summer. Since the pool has already been constructed, the work breakdown includes ongoing maintenance activities. A number of tools were used and evaluated for their effectiveness at completing the planned work. An appendix was also provided to further describe a more technical aspect of the maintenance work that was required for the overall task.
Use of Nature2 CF system for water sanitization will proceed according to what follows. Installation of the system consists in adding the Nature2 construction directly into the pool’s filter cartridge. The system works by attacking microorganisms that flow through the pool filter, which sanitizes the pool’s water. Water must be ‘balanced’ according to the specifications above with regard to all of pH, Alkalinity, and also calcium hardness. Once this has been accomplished, the Nature 2 CF system can be initialized. In order to use the system once it has been installed, the user must snap the two elements together, and insert it into the assembly mentioned above. This process will result in sanitized water.

Contributors. (2013). Above Ground Pool Maintenance. The spa depot. Retrieved from…...

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