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Water Problems in My Community

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This page serves to introduce you to the content of my S. B. A. My research was conducted in my community; Rural Retreat, Claremont in the pariah of St. Ann.
In the content of my project you will see the views of both Elders and Youth in my community. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM



In order to begin the investigation, data was collected by the means of printed questionnaires. This method of data collection was used because it requires little time to be completed, It can be done at the convenience of the person who requires to have it completed and it guarantees confidentiality since respondent are not required to attach their names.


Dear Members of Rural Retreat,
This is a survey on the efficiency of water in our community over the years. This study is being conducted for a Social Studies course that I am currently pursuing.
The questionnaire consist of open and closed question, please answer all questions honestly, bearing in mind that your identity is held in the strictest of confidence. Follow all instructions.
Thank you for your participation.
Sincerely yours
Torique Richards



2. AGE o o o o


o 1

7. HOW OFFTEN IS WATER AVAILABLE TO YOU? o DAYLY o WEEKLY o MONTHLY o OTHER _____________________________________________________

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