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Warby Parker is an American eyewear company that was launched in February, 2010 as part of the Venture Initiation Program by four students from the University of Pennsylvania. The company’s initiative was to sell cheap eyewear online combined with a good cause. Warby Parker believes that “everyone has the right to see” this idea lead to forming partnership with renowned non-profits – e.g. – to give a pair away to someone in need for every pair sold. However, it was not just the company’s generous intentions that made Warby Parker so successful for a start-up firm. Warby Parker’s brand is both trendy and classic providing high quality frames with best in class polarized lenses. As a way of cutting costs, Warby Parker decided to avoid middlemen and go directly to the manufacturers in China, circumventing traditional channels. The company is considered a made-on-the-internet brand: it has a huge presence of the internet and most of its advertising campaigns take place there, which constitutes an advantage, given the growing popularity of e-commerce and social network advertising. They started off as an online company however, in the past years they have also opened stores and showrooms in 15 location across the US with their headquarter in New York.

Warby Parker’s business is based on the low price and high quality of the products, the solidarity branch of their program and also on their online shop. To provide glasses at such a cheap price, the company decided to avoid licensing fees by designing their frame in-house and to stay the direct contact between the customers and the suppliers. In order to create value, the company had to make partnerships with outside firms and institutions such as VisionSpring, for example to distribute their glasses in the developing countries. So we can suggest…...

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