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Unit 4 Written Assignment 2
Thanks to an earlier incident in which an employee allowed malicious software to infect the servers, it has been decided to implement a stricter policy in regards to what employees are allowed to access and do with their workstations. Three other company’s policies will be compared and used to help define the policy, ending with an AUP describing said policy. The first company’s AUP that will be analyzed is Iowa Network Service’s AUP ( In it, subjects such as what costumer’s are not allowed to do with the services are detailed, such as forbidding the use of illicit material, and using the services provided for criminal activity. It also details a “Remote Service Support” in which netINS can help customers with their problems, provided they have been given proper permission and said technician is qualified. Also included is a policy for idle connections, which will be disconnected in the event they are idle for 20 minutes. The second company to be compared is Tellurian Network’s AUP ( TN promises to never sell customer information to third parties to prevent the spread of spam emails, something it considers extremely damaging to the internet’s integrity. A “No-Busy Signal” policy is a major part of the company’s AUP, in which they assure the costumer that they will order more phone lines as capacity reaches max, though they do include that there are rare situations where busy signals are to be expected depending on various hypothetical events. Finally, in the event their services are used to commit a DOS attack, TN will terminate their services, and are not obligated to send out a notice to the offending costumer. Finally, there’s Verizon’s AUP ( Security takes up a major part of the AUP, forbidding illicit use of their services and warning potential criminals that suspicious activity will be investigated and that law enforcement will be brought to bear should they detect criminal activity. Email use is restricted, and requires its customers to get permission from a site in order to use their email server. They also refuse to allow messages of similar content to be sent to any newsgroups. The AUP for Richman Investments in regards to internet usage are as follows. All company resources are to be used for the completion of one’s tasks related to the company’s objectives only. Internet services provided are never allowed to be used for non-work related browsing. Downloading of any programs not preapproved by security is utterly forbidden. Failures to follow these guidelines are subject to appropriate disciplinary actions.

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