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Wall-E Reliance on Technology

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Snap Into Reality
We constantly hear we are in the ‘age of technology’. It’s crazy how much technology we use on a daily basis. It has become so routine to have technology incorporated into our daily lives that we don’t realize how much we rely on it. Who would have thought Pixar’s animation Wall-E could have so much technological awareness incorporated into the plot. The director of Wall-E created this movie with a universal message of what will happen to our society over time if we do not stop relying on technology.
Thousands of years have passed that we have lived with technology, and it has worked in our benefit in many circumstances. However, it has become an addiction, distraction and a nuisance to our society. Society craves the latest technology, and we want more. I will admit I can’t last without my cell phone. Unlike the past however, humans are buried in technology in which we depend on. Cavemen many years ago survived without technology; why is it now that we have become so reliant on it? Just as the passengers on the Axiom in Wall-E, we are controlled and driven by technology. But, what will society do if technology takes a turn for the worse and goes against us? In the film the robots on the Axiom turned against the passengers to assist Wall-E and Eve in saving the Earth. One-day robots could ultimately turn on society and we will be left with nothing to do. Technology is assisting society in becoming helpless and unable to fend for ourselves. Technology has also created a large impact on communication. When my parents were growing up they were close with all of their neighbors and they talked on a daily basis. The technology we have now didn’t exist back then, and because of this I barely know my neighbors. We are friendly and wave but that’s about it. Technology has caused us to have…...

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