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Volcanic Threats in the Us

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Volcanic Threats in the United States

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Volcanic Threats in the United States

Volcano eruptions cost the United States quite a lot of monetary values, as a result of damage to properties. In the United States there are up to sixty active volcanoes, some explosive and others non-explosive. Mitigating the effects of the volcano eruptions is important to reduce future deaths and damage. This essay considers possible ways of mitigating the future damage and deaths from volcano eruptions, as well as the volcano risk areas in the United States.

The first step in mitigating the effects of volcanoes is establishing high technology detection systems that will forecast possible volcanoes activities. There are many seismic data collecting systems designed to monitor the activities of magma and the volcano sites. However, these systems ought to be upgraded into to newer technologies to ensure efficiency in forecasting volcano eruptions (Aditya, 2014). In addition, the findings of these systems ought to be taken with weight. Failing to act upon the indications from such systems marks the beginning of volcano eruption dangers. Therefore, it is not only a matter of establishing systems, but ensuring that they are functional and acting upon their findings.

Secondly, timely warnings of possible eruptions will assist people to keep safe distances from the volcano eruption. It is inevitable to warn people when volcano activities indicate possible eruptions in the near future. For example, increased magma activities as well as multiple earthquakes are indicators of possible eruptions in the near future (Wright, 2003). When such signs come to play, people should get warning on time, to ensure they get enough time to relocate and take other necessary measures to ensure they are safe from the eruptions…...

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