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Vizio and the Market for Flat panel TVs
They begin as glass panels that are manufactured in high tech fabrication centers in South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan. Operating sophisticated tooling in environments that must be kept absolutely clean, these factories produce sheets of glass twice as large as king size beds to exacting specifications. From there, the glass panels travel to the Mexican plant located alongside the U.S border. There they are cut to size, combined with electronic components shipped in from Asia and the United States, assembled into finished TVs, and located onto trucks bound for retail stores in United States. It’s a huge business. U.S consumers spend over $35 billion a year on flat panel TVs.
The underlying technology for flat panel displays was invented in the United States in the late 1960s by RCA. But after RCA and rivals Westinghouse and Xerox opted not to pursue the technology, the Japanese company Sharp made aggressive investments in flat panel displays. By the early 1990s Sharp was selling the first flat panel screens, but as the Japanese economy plunged into a decade-long recession, investment leadership shifted to South Korean companies such as Samsung. Then the 1997 Asian crisis hit Korea hard, and Taiwanese companies seized leadership. Today, Chinese companies are starting to elbow their way into the flat panel display manufacturing business.
As production for flat panel displays migrate its way around the globe to low cost locations, there are clear winners and losers. U.S consumers, who have benefitted from the falling prices of Flat panel TVs and are snapping them up. Efficient manufacturers have taken advantage of globally dispersed supply chains to make and sell low-cost, high-quality flat panel TVs. Foremost among these has been the California-based company, Vizio. Founded by a Taiwanese immigrant, in just six years sales of…...

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