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Virtual Organization is the measure for providing practice and functions of work in a corporation. This provides the view and functions of a corporation’s website and the interior sections for employees’ website. This provides students the ability to be aware of the sections of a corporation’s functions with or before the work experience. The education in this provides the viewpoints necessary for organization and maintaining a corporate world.

This manual provides the different sections of different work environments for corporations. This is a measure of providing a learning experience. Those that are new to the work concept will learn the basis of the corporation from the Virtual Organization. This is a functional level of experience by a virtual corporation. However, these are not actually correct in the information they provide. They are decided and engineered forms of a corporation’s websites with outer and internal functions. This assists with the education of a company’s work provided by its virtual websites.

Towards the ending of the manual are the measures necessary to follow for attaining the Virtual Organization website. The key factors of login, materials, and selection for Virtual organization explained toward the end of the manual with brief pictures for view. The last paragraphs of the manual will provide a conclusion of the functions and guidance for the student’s future use of the Virtual Organization website.

Table of Contents: Page #

(What are the Virtual Organizations?) ……………………………………………….. 3 (Are the Virtual Organizations a Simulation?) …………………………………….. 3 (Are the Virtual Organizations Case Studies?) ……………………………….. 3-4 (Virtual Organizations are Realistic) ………………………………………………… 4-5 (How the Virtual Organizations Can be Used in Class) …………………….. 5 (The Virtual Organizations and the University of Phoenix Model) …. 5-6 (The Implications of Realistic Data) ……………………………………………………… 6 (Organizations Paradigm Shift) ……………………………………….. 6-7 (Virtual Organizations Tour) ………………………. 7-16

• Business Organizations ……………………………………… 7-12

1. Baderman Island Resort ………………………… 7-8

2. Berry Bug Blasters ………………………………… 8

3. The Boffy Company, SA ……………………………. 8

4. The Elias Group ……………………………….. 8-9

5. Huffman Trucking ………………………………… 9-10

6. IWAMOTO*Crews*COE …………………………… 10

7. Kudler Finde Foods ……………………………… 10-11

8. Lafleur Trading Company …………………………..… 11

9. McrBride Financial Services ……………………… 11-12

10. Riordan Manufacturing, Inc. ………………………… 12

11. SMITH Systems Consulting ……………………….... 12

• Education Organizations …………………………………… 13-14

1. Kelsey – Central Administration ………………….. 13

2. Kelsey Elementary School …………………………. 13

3. Kelsey Middle School …………………………….. 13

4. Kelsey High School ………………………………. 14

5. Northwest Valley Community College ………….. 14

• Healthcare Organizations …………………………………… 15

1. Patton - Fuller Community Hospital …………….. 15

2. Taylor Ambulance Company …………………….. 15

• Government Organizations ………………………………... 15-16

1. City of Kelsey ……………………………………. 15-16

• Service Requests …………………………………………… 16

(Access Process for Virtual Organizations) …………………………………………………… 16-17

Conclusion: -------------------- 18

References: ------------------- 19

What are the Virtual Organizations?

Virtual Organizations provides generic companies for education in their function. These organizations or companies range from businesses, education, healthcare, government, and service request. This is a measure of providing artificial businesses with all different ranges to students. The basis of the virtual organizations is to provide examples and structures of all market types mentioned. There are different formats for the sites of specific markets. The formats for the sites range from internet and intranet for internal functions. The intranet based on employees of the artificial markets but there are many for business companies and only one for healthcare. The other format is the login for employees in the company. The login sites are only two businesses. This educates on the function of selected companies on the intent of their functions. This in route provides students the functions and educations for the work assigned for teamwork, which is a benefit for work with companies by following the routes established. This provides a learning key for future or current work for businesses’ and their administration with team collaborates, which is a common benefit for a company and success (Apollo Group Inc., 2012).

• Are the Virtual Organizations a Simulation?

Virtual Organizations are not simulation. They are intent on providing the structure for market and sales to students to deal with public clients or corporate work. This provides a learning key structure for problem-solving skills for real world data markets and team trouble shooting.

The simulation combines with real world work and problems. This establishes the form of analysis to resolve or improve Virtual Organizations’ structures for future growth. This basis of analysis or recommendations for improvements function by student course assignments. The benefit of these intents of student work are on increasing or raising the abilities of handling complex issues for an organization and its future (Apollo Group Inc., 2012).

• Are the Virtual Organizations Case Studies?

The Virtual Organization are not from or case studies but are from the design to provide the information on the limitations involved with case studies. This assists in the education of the formats necessary to analyze to resolve or provide for the cases assigned by classes. Virtual Organizations case studies are for the predictions of conclusions for cases involving the departments within an organization. This is a simple and static base for and organizations’ interrelationships with internal departments on issues (Apollo Group Inc., 2012).

Case studies types:

• Simplistic

• Static

• Unrealistic in presentation

• Virtual Organizations are Realistic

This resolves natural daily work for a company in basic problems or advancements involving the employees. The basis is on real world issues that occur in departments for the company, which the employees must relate in resolving or advancing. These issues can relate to natural network security, Finance, Accounting, or client marketing. The basis is for a student to analyze the provided situation of the case, depending on the department or departments, for the set predetermined conclusion in resolution. These are basic tasks within common companies for employees within departments.

The case or cases provided by an instructor are limited in study format. The limitations caused by predefined conclusion, which are constrained by a student with predomination for a situation. The reason for this format is by fairing the student’s case study and provision of all relevant information needed for the case.

The measure for acquiring the needed information pertains to the analyzing the information within the company’s Virtual Organization’s environment. This also requires the reading of information provided within a class from the material and the reading of information associated with the set Virtual Organizations for the task. The basis within this outline is the understanding that the set case study functions for reading comprehension and responses for advancements of the task.

The function of the Virtual Organizations is to provide the function of tasks in actual real world work for employees and providing the outline to their bosses within the work environment. This entails the format of discussing and writing the possible solutions or strategies for a set task in the company’s benefit. The courses that entail Virtual Organizations based on the analytical planning, comprehension, and responses for solutions in the company’s problems or growth. An example of this key factor provided by:

Huffman Trucking must expand to a new location. What is the solution?

This requires the student to analyze the information provided by the Virtual Organizations environment, which will provided sensitive and confidential business information. This is the local the student must analyze all relative information that will incur the business on its move to the new location and the benefits or possible losses that can incur in the set strategy. In addition, within this set task, students must be aware that not all needed information provided within the Virtual Organizations relevant to the task. The student must create and search for relative information on the outside for examples or proof of their decisions. This is a common task in modern day companies and the employees’ assignments on decisions, which is a benefit in education for acquiring the needed strategies and patterns to meet the needs of current or future work environment. This provides the handling of work cases from bosses or managers (Apollo Group Inc., 2012).

• How the Virtual Organizations Can be Used in Class

The Virtual Organizations are common and not associated or controlled by courses. The instructor for the courses is free and able to decide on how the Virtual Organizations used for a course. This entails discussions on set agendas, which relate to a set or sets of organizations within the Virtual Organizations. The instructor based on can place the assignments in the course or courses as follow:

• Analyzing of problems or advancements

• The Why or What if questions of the organizations functions

These are basic forms for using the Virtual Organizations for a class but not the only forms because other thought out methods provided by the instructor can also function for the use of Virtual Organizations in a course.

The necessary use of Virtual Organization for a class involves the planning, problem solving formats, and practice. This provides a backbone of understanding to students for future or current strategies in the real world work environment. Though the class does not cohere with the theories involved in the real world work environment, it provides the understanding of the work, analysis, and writing subject to the actual real world atmosphere of accomplishment (Apollo Group Inc., 2012).

• The Virtual Organizations and the University of Phoenix Model

Information of personal experiences by both the students and instructors has provided the main and key element for the University of Phoenix Model. However, there are cases were sensitive information cannot be disclosed by instructors or students for legal reasons. The form of providing in such cases is with the use of the Virtual Organizations for valuable or needed substitutes for the education.

In most cases for individual or team assignments, the instructor based on the assignment indicates the Virtual Organizations for use. This enhances and simplifies the work that individuals or teams must accomplish by providing the necessary information within the Virtual Organizations. This provides the students the ability to evaluate and derive solutions for set tasks by an instructor (Apollo Group Inc., 2012).

• The Implications of Realistic Data

The Virtual Organizations try to provide data that appears as realistic as the real world. This is a method of educating students beyond the data provided by textbooks or simulative forms.

Challenges within the use of the realistic data presented are:

• Too Much Data on Topics and Beyond of the Organization

• Less Data

• Unclear Data

The challenges function as under these terms:

• Too Much Data relates to more access to all the information of the organization, which cause confusion for information relative to the assignment.

• Less Data relates to less information provided within the internet or intranet of the organization that is required for the research in making a decision.

• Unclear Data is subject to information provided by an individual that has made or caused an error in implementing the Virtual Organization. This relates to common real world types of work errors conducted by employees handling information (Apollo Group Inc., 2012).

• The Virtual Organizations Paradigm Shift

The Virtual Organizations are specific learning tools for the education outside of traditional learning formats. They provide the skills for training and assessments that are a part of common work tasks. This provides the training for acquiring data for set problems by an instructor for providing ideal solutions with a correct answer.

The Virtual Organizations vary in types of function. The basis of this is for creating by a student a correct or better solution for problems. There are no faculty material or correct answers provided. This formed in the sense that it is the responsibility of the students to produce a self-elevated solution to the problems.

Virtual Organizations undergo a paradigm shift because the education provided by the traditional textbooks, simulations, or case studies are not usable. This is the local where the information derived will provide for a solution and not by solutions that are from the written text. The reason for this situation implementation is by the need for processing the scheme of problem solving for solutions on a whim. The information on written text does not always cohere with the solutions to the problems or agendas.

• Processes from Faculty to student assignments:

1. Define problem or problems. Reason for defining problem. Opportunities used for identify problems.

2. Research identified by students for outside of the Virtual Organizations.

3. On what base were the assumptions on decisions made by student?

4. The student’s solutions to the problem and the formulation.

5. Was the solution correct and usable to resolve the problem?

6. The plan for implementing the solution for the problem.

These are necessary tactics for student to establish before submission of set assignment because the faculty will review the outline for the task of grading (Apollo Group Inc., 2012).

• Virtual Organizations Tour

The Virtual Organizations function as provided within this tour for the organizations functions and internal sections.

This section is for the Business Organizations:

Baderman Island Resort:

Badermand Island Resort has been in establishment since 1922 as a resort. This resort functions as all-inclusive destination, which provides three different hotels to meet individual needs, an array of restaurants, and unlimited activities to entertain clients. This site provides the choices of home, accommodations, amenities, restaurants, meetings, and guest blog pages. The option for employee login provided (Apollo Group Inc., 2012).

Berry’s Bug Blasters:

This company provides the service of eliminating unwanted pests since 2005. It is located for service in Dallas and Ft Worth, Texas. This provides a coupon for first month service on the internet side but it also provides the intranet for employees. The intranet has the Finance and Accounting, Sales and Marketing, Human Resources, Operations, Legal, and Information Technology for the company’s internal functions (Apollo Group Inc., 2011).

Boardman Management Group:

This organization established in 1994 for managing leisure and convention resorts. They manage the Baderman Island Resort. This site provides login for employees. Under the Employee Site, these provided Home, Human Resources, and Boardman Corporate University (Apollo Group Inc., 2012).


(Apollo Group Inc., 2011)

The Boffy Company, SA:

The Boffy Company, SA is a supplier of aerospace industries and automobiles since 1950. This organization designs and produces solenoids, high performance remote control glasses, ultra durable plastic parts with high strength and ultra-resistant (Apollo Group Inc., 2011).

The Intranet selection provides:

1. Organization

2. Commercial

3. Production and System Data for internal affairs.

The Elias Group:

The Elias Group is a non-profit organization started in 1997 and dedicated to provide information, services and assistance to businesses wanting contracts with U.S. Government. This is only an internet site that contains these three links:

1. Home

2. Finance & Accounting

3. Human Resources


(Apollo Group Inc., 2011)

Huffman Trucking:

Huffman Trucking is an organization established in 1936. This organization is a carrier service for shipping between factories in the Midwest and ports on the East Coast. On the internet, the organization offers:

1. Home

2. Our Company

3. Facts

4. Your Account

5. Tracking

6. Employment

7. Contacts


(Apollo Group Inc., 2012)

The organization for Huffman Trucking also provides the Intranet for its employees. These services for Intranet are as follows:

1. Home

2. Labor Relations

3. Finance & Accounting

4. Operations

5. Sales & Marketing

6. Legal

7. Human Resources

8. Information Technology


(Apollo Group Inc., 2012)


IWAMOTO *Crews *COE organization was established in 2001. This organization established as a consulting firm. The Internet site provides as links:

1. About US

2. Organizational Development

3. Professional Growth

4. Marketing

5. Public Relations

The Intranet site provides the Employee Site and these links for service:

1. Mission Statement

2. Organizational Development

3. Professional Growth

4. Marketing

5. Public Relations (Apollo Group Inc., 2011)

Kudler Fine Foods:

Kudler Fine Foods organization provides upscale specialty food stores. Their location is in San Diego metropolitan area. At the store location, they offer for selection on the internet site:

1. Home

2. Bakery

3. Meat & Seafood

4. Produce

5. Cheese & Diary

6. Wine

Sub selections on the page:

1. News

2. About

3. Locations

4. Survey

5. Terms & Conditions

The site also contains the Intranet for internal employees to the organization. The Intranet site for employees contains these links for the organization:

1. Home

2. Administration

3. Finance & Accounting

4. Sales & Marketing

5. Human Resources

6. Operations

7. Information Technology (Apollo Group Inc., 2011)

Lafleur Trading Company:

Lafleur Trading Company established in 1976. This organization supplies the world with the finest foods and wines. They are mostly with producers and exporters. On the home internet site, they provide home, contact, Internet, and Intranet links but sub links for the site are as follows:

1. Seafood

2. Fruits & Vegetables

3. Cheese

4. Wine

The Intranet site is for the Employee Site, which provides as follows:

1. Home

2. Finance & Accounting

3. Sales

4. Human Resources

5. Operations

6. Legal

7. Information Technology (Apollo Group Inc., 2011)

McBride Financial Services:

McBride Financial Services organization provides low cost mortgages to the five states of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, and South Dakota. The links on the home Internet page offered as follows:

1. About Us

2. Contact an Office

3. Start Your Application

4. For A Question (F.A.Q.)

The intranet page is selectable for employees. This site provides the following choices for information:

1. Home

2. Administration

3. Human Resources

4. Information Technology (Apollo Group Inc., 2011)

Riordan Manufacturing, Inc.:

Riordan Manufacturing, Inc. is manufacturing organization for plastic, medical devices, fans, and custom designs. The organization on the main page does not offer any links for clients, only brief information thru four displays. The option provided is the Intranet for employees. The Intranet Employee Site provides the following selections:

1. Home

2. Finance & Accounting

3. Sales & Marketing

4. Human Resources

5. Operations

6. Legal

7. Information Technology

8. Riordan Industries (Apollo Group Inc., 2012)

SMITH Systems Consulting:

SMITH Systems Consulting organization established in 1994 is for Web and Business Application Services. The services on the main Internet page for selection are as follows:

1. Home

2. About US

3. Services

4. Clients

5. Contact

The other selection provided for employees is the Intranet selection. Under the Intranet page, Employee Site provides these selections for the links:

1. Home

2. Fin. & Acct.

3. HR

4. Legal

5. Clients

6. Service Requests (Apollo Group Inc., 2011)

This section is for Education Organizations:

Kelsey - Central Administration:

Kelsey Central Administration organization provides the information for Elementary School, Middle School, and High School. The main selections provided are:

1. Home

2. Compliance Teams

3. Facilities

4. Financial Services

5. Human Resources

6. Instructional Technology

Within the Home page access to the other three levels of school provided, such as Kelsey Elementary School, Kelsey Middle School, and Kelsey High School (Apollo Group Inc., 2011).

Kelsey Elementary School:

Kelsey Elementary School provides the paces for providing the elementary school courses and information for the children’s parents. This provides the selections for the information, the parents’ wish to know for their children’s education and the information for communication with the school.

The Kelsey Elementary School offers these links:

1. Home

2. Student Info

3. Teacher Info

4. Compliance Teams

5. Other Info

6. Communications Center

7. Family Handbook

8. Library

These links provide the information for the courses for the parents of the students with the ability place them in courses by choice. Kelsey Elementary School provides the ability for the parents to have the information provided by the library (Apollo Group Inc., 2011).

Kelsey Middle School:

The Kelsey Middle School website provides students the instructions for the courses and general information. This provides for the information on the environment that will influence the adolescents with education in the school’s system. The site provides these links to track the desired information:

1. Home

2. Student Info

3. Teach Info

4. Other Info

5. Communications Center

6. Family Handbook

These links establish the information for students, teachers, family handbook, and the communications center (Apollo Group Inc., 2011).

Kelsey High School:

Kelsey High School provides the needs for the students. This divided itself on the aspect of extracurricular opportunities, interscholastic athletics, National Honor Society, special interest clubs, performing arts, student government, and speech and debate are just a few of the activities available (Apollo Group Inc., 2011). The choices for links:

1. Home

2. Student Info

3. Teacher Info

4. Other Info

5. Communications Center

This is less in providing the information to parents because on the High School level students make their decisions for the school courses (Apollo Group Inc., 2011).

Northwest Valley Community College:

Northwest Valley Community College organization provides the ability for students to register with the college and the information necessary for students. It also provides the ability to be able to apply for work at the college. This provides the course catalog for interested students and the ability to buy books for courses. The page provides the following links:

1. Home

2. About US

3. BookStore

4. Programs

5. Course Catalog

6. Student Services

7. Employment

8. Administration

The courses or education track provided are Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, Associate of Applied Science, Associate of General Studies, and Certificates. This site also provides Initial Survey Results, Action Research Survey Results, and Communications to those go to the community college website (Apollo Group Inc., 2011).

• This section is for Healthcare Organizations:

Patton - Fuller Community Hospital:

Patton – Fuller Community Hospital website provides basic information of the hospital and its location. The site supplies these links for the viewer:

1. Information Technology

2. Human Resources

3. Facilities

4. Corporate Officers

This site does not provide actual hospital function or information. It provides the basic information of a hospital’s generic options for information to the public (Apollo Group Inc., 2013).

Taylor Ambulance Company:

Taylor Ambulance Company provides their numbers for contact and that they provide assistance every 9 minutes for emergency medical care (Apollo Group Inc., 2011). The site office these internet links:

1. Home

2. About

3. Contact

These are the sites for common public viewers. The other option provided for the employees is the intranet connection link. The intranet link provides the links for information and maintenance of the company by employees.

The internal links are:

1. Home

2. Operations

3. Human Resources

4. Accounting

These internal links within the intranet provide the ability of the company to sustain and inform the employees of education for work. It also provides the Accounting for the company’s expanses and earnings (Apollo Group Inc., 2011).

• This section is for Government Organization:

City of Kelsey:

City of Kelsey organization provides information of the city and the local providing institutes. This provides the view of the available services of the area. The page provides information available to individuals in the area for agendas. This website provides these links for the search of information:

1. Home

2. History

3. Business

4. Schools

5. Community

6. Transportation

7. Parks & Recreation

8. City Government

9. City Maps

These links are interconnected to other organizations within the Virtual Organization. This provides the ability and functions of a city with other companies located in the area (Apollo Group Inc., 2011).

• Service Requests:

Service Requests provides the data on select companies on their track of agendas. The companies within the list links are:

1. Baderman Island Resort

2. Huffman Trucking Company

3. Kudler Fine Foods

4. Lafleur Trading Company

5. McBride Financial Services

6. Patton-Fuller Community Hospital

7. Riordan Manufacturing, Inc.

8. Taylor Ambulance Company

These companies’ service requests information provided is only to basis of brief information of the company’s functions or data records (Apollo Group Inc., 2011).

• Access Process for Virtual Organizations

Students must go to

Once the student arrives to the provided website and the option to login is provided. Within the login section, Students must provide their Username and password to gain access to the features.

[pic] (University of Phoenix, 2011)

Once the student is login to his or her account, another options must be selected.

This is located on the right hand site of the the course name. The option that must be select is Materials.


(University of Phoenix, 2011)

Once the Materials is selected, the Materials site will be displayed. This will require the selection of Virtual Organizations, which is located on the left side list of choices.


(University of Phoenix, 2011)

This selection will provide another page containing the Virtual Organizations for Students access.


(Apollo Group Inc., 2013)

• Assistance from the University of Phoenix

1. Select Contact US located on lower right hand corner

2. Email Support

3. Online Campus number provided (800) 366-9699 (University of Phoenix, 2011)


Virtual Organization provides a benefit for students in acquiring the basic needed knowledge of a company’s website function. It provides the ability within selected businesses to understand the function of internal employee website. This establishes the basic levels of internal functions from a database to the financial locals of the business. The learning of these Virtual Organizations provide the gateway to understand the needed grounds for a company’s future and level of providing information to clients or employees.

This manual provides the basic information of the Virtual Organizations with brief information on the business, education, healthcare, and government organizations. This is on the intent of providing students the logic of what is or can be provided by each selection of the organizations. This provides the needed information for faster selection on set course assignments.

The process for acquiring the Virtual Organizations establishes the set of procedures to enter the location. This without the pictures that were provided would be confusion for students. The initial picture illustrates the exact location to login with an account for the class and Phoenix University. The second picture illustrates the needed selection to enter the materials for the options provided by the University of Phoenix. The final choice with the options for Virtual Organizations is provided with a picture for the students to know where it is located. These pictures and brief information provides the needed information to enter the Virtual Organizations for set tasks by students.

The final information for Virtual Organization is the fact that most of the information provided can and will change with time. The Virtual Organization’s information within the sites is on the desire for change by the administrators of the site. The information provided is based on the current time that this manual was written but can change on the desire of the administrators. The information is only what is currently placed within the Virtual Organization’s site, which can change within any period. This is the main needed information provided to students to understand. The Virtual Organization is subject to change or additions within any given moment by the administrators. This is only for education on the function of companies’ websites and availability to clients.


Jose Luis Cueto, Lisa Moore | Eng221 | October 14, 2013

Virtual Organization Manual…...

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Virtual Organization Employment Law

...Running Head: VIRTUAL ORGANIZATION EMPLOYMENT LAW Virtual Organization Employment Law- Kudler Fine Foods University of Phoenix Virtual Organization Employment Law- Kudler Fine Foods Kudler Fine Foods is a company that employ’s people of all ethnic groups throughout the company’s three locations. Being that Kudler Fine Foods has such diversity under its employment, some of the rules and regulations set by the company may pose a potential problem for the company in the future. One of those rules is the proper attire rules. What may seem like inappropriate dress for one culture may not be seen as inappropriate for others. In the company’s employee handbook it clearly states that employee’s that our found dressed inappropriately or not clean will be sent home without pay. Some cultures have different ways of dressing which may appear to be inappropriate for an office environment; however, in his or her culture the attire may be considered formal wear. If an employee is asked to go home solely based on the fact that his or her supervisor considers that the employee is not dressed according to what he or she may feel is appropriate for the office, the employee may feel disrespected and even harassed. Should an employee feel that they are being personally singled out and sent home because of their attire, they may decide to sue the company for harassment. In order to maintain an environment in which all employee’s feel that his or her personal beliefs and cultural......

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Virtual Organization Strategy

...Virtual Organization Strategy Paper Caroll Ulbrich, Erin Thompson, Latasha Smith-Tutt, Levi Williams, Samantha Ehrlich FIN/370 August 19, 2013 Richard Jenkins Virtual Organization Strategy Paper Kudler Fine Food is a very well known food store. The owner Kathy Kudler is thinking about going public through an IPO. There are four approaches that need to be looked at from the IPO stand point. They are strength, weakness, opportunity and threat. Strength When a private company is thinking about raising money in the financial market an initial public offering (IPO) has advantages. By going with an IPO Kudler generates revenue from the sale of shares of stock in the company. The owner has gained liquidity in their company. With Kudler going public, the company now has access to the public market in the future. It also opens up the possibility for higher growth. Kudler will also have a higher profile making it easier to get vendors for goods. Weakness One of the things that could be a problem is arbitrage. Arbitrage is a purchase is made with the expectation of selling for a higher value in different markets. Opportunity Kudler Fine Food would have many opportunities with going public with an IPO, A greater amount of capital would come from issuing of shares that are traded on the stock market. It will also help the amount of business that takes place at Kudler......

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Virtual Organizations vs. Traditional Organizations

...Virtual Organizations vs. Traditional Organizations Question 1: What are some of the major differences between a virtual and traditional organization? Are there any beneficial elements within a virtual organization that could give them an advantage in today’s global market? Traditional organization is one in which all team members work in the same location. Also workers in the traditional organization see each other every day. They can communicate in face-to-face conversations. Employees do not necessarily all work in the same building, but are based in the same general area. Virtual organization is any organization that has at least one team member working remotely and there are several different types of virtual companies and teams. Some remote team members is a company has one or more local members who consistently work from a remote location. Spilt team is a company has two or more locations where employees work out of an office that is local to them. Satellite team members is a company that has a main office and many satellite employees who work from a home office. 100% virtual team is a company does not have a main office, all workers work remotely. Outsourced teams is a company that has a main office, but outsource certain functions to other companies. Having employees who consistently work from a remote location, could help as having trustful source about any new updates or news in the field that the company interested in. It’s easier to communicate via......

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Virtual Organizations Strategy Paper

...Virtual Organization Strategy Paper Finance for Business/FIN 370 March 18, 2011 Abstract The purpose of this paper is to review a hypothetical organization and outline the options the organization may be faced with when debating the idea of expansion. The organization in question is Huffman Trucking, which is a trucking firm based in Ohio that has established a presence by acquiring five Eastern regional carriers. The company is privately held. The analysis of this organization includes expansion options of an Initial Public Offering, acquiring an organization in the same industry, and merging with another organization. The positive and negative aspects of each option above are reviewed and a conclusion will be drawn as to the next step for that business to take. Virtual Organization Strategy Paper The concept of business expansion offers both promise and peril. The desire of growth for a business must be tempered with the fact of additional uncertainty and risk. Business under normal operating circumstances is perilous. The additional layering of risk in any type of expansion or capital generation cannot only serve to fail in its objective, but also has the possibility to bring the organization to financial ruin. An effective executive must weigh the chance of success with the absolute possibility of failure. Going Public through an IPO An option for Huffman Trucking to consider for expansion of its operations is going public through an......

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Virtual Organization Strategy

...Virtual Organization Strategy Yvette Griego, Judy Herbert, Hung Ho, Denny Morrison, Stacy Oshrin FIN/370 March 18, 2013 Dr. Shadi Sifain Virtual Organization Strategy Kudler fine foods is a company that prides itself on a quality selection of spirits and wines as well as organic meat, seafood, and a huge variety of produce. In addition, Kudler offers gourmet cheeses from 21 countries and fresh baked goods. According to its corporate site, Kudler currently operates three stores in southern California. The company can deliver quality merchandise because they “shop the world" and “go to extensive lengths to assure that Kudler Fine Foods is the purveyor of choice for customers aspiring to purchase the finest epicurean delights” (University of Phoenix, 2013, para 3). The following analysis shall discuss several options available to Kudler Fine Foods when considering expansion from its current status as a privately held company. The options considered are to formulate an initial public offering, engage in the acquisition of a similar business, or merge with another company. Team B will compare and contrast the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats associated with each option. Globalization and exchange rates are a primary factor in expansion, and the team shall discuss the effects of globalization, factors associated with exchange rate risks and how best to mitigate such risk. In addition, the team shall formulate a recommendation of the best option for......

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Web/240 Week 5 Virtual Organization Evaluation

...Abstract The intended purpose of week five’s assignment is for me to evaluate our chosen virtual organization. The virtual organization that was appointed to learning team A was Kudler’s Fine Foods. Within, this paper I will evaluate the selected virtual organization website, and discuss the intended audience for this site as well. I will then go over the design criteria that I created in week two and provide a description of why I selected and considered the ratings for each category to be of importance. Next, I will explain the results of the comparative review I performed on the three similar sites, and provide an appendix of the completed evaluation. A detailed analysis of the assigned virtual organization website will also be explored inside this paper along with a description of the changes I made in my prototype/mockup accompanied by a screenshot image. Lastly, an explanation of how I would use metadata or other promotional tools to promote the redesigned website, followed by a closing explanation of how the website changes will help the virtual organization to become more successful in the future. In today’s society an online presence is the most effective way to reach the masses. Therefore, the way a website is designed is crucial to the success of the company. Websites want to provide a great first impression when prospects want to get to know more about the business, its mission, or the company’s vision. A website must capture ones attention, and be visually......

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An Instructional Manual for Virtual Teams

...An Instructional Manual for Virtual Teams Table of Contents So, You Want a Virtual Team, Huh? 3 Introduction 3 The Look of a Successful Virtual Team 4 The Leader's Relief 6 Establishing Team Purpose 7 The Virtual Team Start-up Meeting 8 Local vs. Virtual 9 Operating Principles 10 The Culture Thing 11 “The Safety Net" – Coping With Virtuality 12 Become An Effective Leader 12 Staying On Top Of Things 12 The Technical Needs of a Virtual Team 13 Learning and Technology 13 Selecting Technology 13 Examples of Real-Time Tools (Synchronous) 14 Examples of Asynchronous Tools 14 The Virtual Meeting 15 Planning Your Meeting 15 The Virtual Meeting, cont. 16 Facilitation Tips 16 Types of Virtual Meeting Software to Consider 16 Managing Issues In A Virtual Team 17 Conclusions and Closure for a Virtual Team 18 References 19 So, You Want a Virtual Team, Huh? An Instructional Manual for Virtual Teams Introduction John is so excited! He starts his new job on Monday. In his new job, John will take on a team for a Fortune 100 company. His new company is growing fast, and to keep up with the pressure of rapid growth, they have been expanding across the country. John is new to this matrix-type work culture and needs to adjust his style of work and leadership to accommodate. How will he setup technology and infrastructures to support his new team? What techniques can he use to build trust, agreement and purpose with his...

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Virtual Organizations

...Individual Assignment: Virtual Organizations Table, Part I            Resources: Table 1, Virtual Organizations, Course Notes          Complete the following table using the Course Notes and Virtual Organizations. For each organization listed from the Virtual Organizations site. List important factors that influence the behavior of the organization. Table 1   Business Name | Business Type (Industry not Corporate type) | Key Economic Influences | Key Government (Regulatory) Influences | Key Legal (Law and Litigation) Influences | Riordan Manufacturing | Manufacturing | Gross National Product (GNP) or Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth rateInventory levels | Export restrictions Import tariffs and quotasPolitical stability | Worker safety laws (OSHA)Union regulationsMinimum wage laws | Huffman Trucking | Transportation and logistics | Gross National Product (GNP) or Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth rate | Regulation | Union regulationsLocal laws & licensesWorker safety laws (OSHA) | Kudler Fine Foods | Food and Beverage | Unemployment rate Consumer confidence | Import tariffs and quotas | Minimum wage laws Consumer protection laws Worker safety laws (OSHA) | McBride Financial Services | Financial Services | Interest ratesMonetary policies Balance of payments | Income tax rates | Consumer protection laws Minimum wage laws Local laws & licenses | The Elias Group | Defense and Aerospace | Consumer confidence Monetary...

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Week 5 User Manual

...User Manual ENG/221 June 14, 2011 Table of Contents Table of Contents…………………………………………………………………………...……1 Introduction………………………………………………………………………..………….....2 Login Screen………………………………………………………………………………...……3 Home Page………………………………………………………………...……………………...4 Classroom……………………………………………………………………………..………….7 Library………………………………………………………………………..………………....11 Program……………………………………………………………………………..…………..15 Account……………………………………………………………………………………..…...17 Contact Number………………………………………………………………………….……..18 Introduction The University of Phoenix offers to their students and faculty a portal (eCampus) to conduct his or her collage program. Since most of the attendees at the university are working, the eCampus website provides 24 hours of access to the classroom. Students can read class material, communicate with fellow students, and complete assignments on their own time. Students will also have access to his or her particular program and account. Students have at their fingertips the ability to control their own collage experience. Students will also enjoy benefits such as an online library, online books, and an online store. This manual will help guide the new student through the basics of the eCampus site. It is recommended that a new student read this manual first before entering the site or attending his or her first class. It is also recommended that a new student enter......

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Organization Virtual

... 10). Así que la compañía podría fusionarse con otra empresa en el largo plazo, pero no habrá gestión adicional para ayudar a alinear la visión de Kudler con otra organización. Referencias INC, 2011. Preparación para la oferta pública inicial. Obtenido de: Keown, AJ Martin, JD, y Petty, JW, Scott, Jr., DF (2005). Gestión Financiera: principios y aplicaciones, Ed Décima. Obtenido de Stumm, Tony. Mantener las buenas empresas. 2011. Riesgo en la adquisición de empresas de la Compañía por toma de posesión. Obtenido de: University Of Phoenix Phoenix (2003). Kudler Fine Foods Virtual Organization. Obtenido de / Secure/aapd/cist/vop/Business/Kudler/Admin/StrategicPlan2003...

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