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Video title: a biography of America/America at the centennial

What is the subject of the video? The video relieves true biography of America.

What is the purpose or main point of this video? The main point is to show that the Columbian exchange wasn’t the real discovery of America and that American history doesn’t begin in 1492

What 8-10 significant points did you learn from viewing the video? Try to think in terms of larger questions or themes it covers.
That Indians did not know the taste of of fruits and vegetables, Columbus went to death thinking he landing in northern asia, in 1492 no one in Ireland never has tasted a potatoe and Italians never ate tomato sauce with their pasta (something that is a huge requirement with these cultures), eurpeans brought back items from the new world to show what they had found, the land discovered was known as “a brave new world”, trade and enterprise expanded with the discovery of the “brave new world” Indians had never seen a cow horse or other animals that they are known to have had,

What conclusions can you reach as a result of viewing it? The world learned new ways of cooking and surviving with the discovery of land Columbus had found.

What questions do you have as a result of watching the video? Did anyone ever do research on how long the people on the land Columbus had found had been around. The man in the video basically showed that the American history goes past 1492 how come Columbus and his people were unaware of this?…...

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