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Technology has revolutionized our world in the past 20 years, with the rise of cellular phones, the Internet, and later, social media. While the leaps and bounds have led to amazing advances that have improved the quality of life for millions or even billions of people, there are significant drawbacks to adopting new technology to an extreme degree.
Technology changes the way people think and feel
-Lack of Social Skills
The use of online social media outlets causes us to meet face-to-face with much less frequency resulting in a lack of much needed social skills. We lose the ability to read body language and social cues in other people.
-Limiting ability of creation and thinking
We can find out everything on Internet with available websites such as: Google, YouTube…instead of thinking.
-Addicting to the technology makes human isolated from the real world.
We lack of contact with other people in normal daily living, such as, the workplace, with friends and in social activities. We isolate ourselves by walking around in our own little world. We spend lots of time on chatting on Facebook, Zalo ,…,sending messages, calling by phone instead of meeting directly.
At the same time, human workers retain less value, which is a disadvantage of technological advances.
Because machines automate processes and do the work of 10 people with one computer, companies find they don't need to employ as many people to get the job done.
People will become lazy and passive because there are many modern technology around them. -People just need to press buttons without doing the labor themselves.
-Some jobs that people may lose to robot : drivers, astronauts, soldiers, babysitters…..
Although technological advancements are improving the world, people need to be careful to avoid the negative consequences.…...

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