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Claire Anderson-Wheeler is the author of this text “Vernissage”.
The text is about a young boy, named Alex and his two parents; his parents are having some troubles in their relationship. The middle of this text Alex is hiding under his mom and fathers bed, because he doesn’t want to do his homework. While Alex is hiding his parents come in, they are wrangle a bit, his mother tries to get the fathers attention, but he keeps dismissing her instead. He don’t want to listen to her, he’s even more care about the Vernissage they are going to later that night. She is asking, “What do you think?” and he replies “It is very nice, Frances. Lovely.” He is trying to get out of the conversation between them as easy as possibly. While Alex lay under the bed, he was thinking about how his fathers reaction was, when the mother was asking, “what do you think?” he knew that voice, it was the same reaction as when Alex showed him something he’d make at school, it was always the same reaction, even though it was something special.

Alex is not teenager yet, but I think he is on his way to become teenager, because he wants to give up his banana sandwiches, even though he liked them so much. But he is not mature enough yet, to give up his sandwiches even though he thinks it is time to stop eating banana sandwiches. Then we can she he is not mature enough to take hard decision as here, because he still cares about others opinion, he is still scared of being bullied.
Another symbol of being immature is when Alex is hiding under the bed, because he doesn’t want to do his homework that is a big sign of being childish, because if you were mature and responsible enough you wouldn’t hide under a bet for your parents. If you were mature enough you would even say I don’t want to do my homework, or you would finished your homework because you are caring about…...

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