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Write-Up for Lab 11.2: Popper Physics
SCI121 Week 4

Notes: To figure out the average height for the table below, add up the three heights and divide by 3. To figure out the average time add the 4 time measurements and divide by 4.

Table 1: Popper physics data

|Trial Number |Maximum Height (m) |
|1 |.2286m |
|2 |.2032m |
|3 |.2032m |
|Average: |.4826m |
|Trial Number |Time in Air (s) |
|1 |.18s |
|2 |.11s |
|3 |.23s |
|4 |.19s |
|Average: |.5675s |


1. What is the gravitational potential energy your popper has at its maximum height you measured? Use g = 9.8 m/s2, and a mass of 0.01 kg.

Note: For question 1, use the equation for Potential Energy listed below; your potential energy is equal to 0.01 kg times 9.8 m/sec squared times the average height (in meters) The answer is in the units of joules.

PE = mgh = .28J

2. Use the following kinematics equation to calculate the initial velocity of the popper…...

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