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Vehicle Rental System

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Customers make reservations for vehicle rentals by telephoning the office or from the company’s website. For all reservations to be completed, the customer must provide the following information: name and address, national ID number, driving permit number, email address, make and model of the vehicle to be rented and the start and end date of the rental period. For reservations made from the company’s website, the customer will be allowed to print a claim ticket with a claim ticket number and other details of the reservation. For reservations made by telephone, the customers will interact with an attendant at the office and provided the necessary information. The attendant will email the claim ticket generated to the customer for printing. This printed claim ticket is to be presented when the customer comes to fetch the vehicle.

All first-time customers, making a reservation, will be given the option to register with the system. The customer will provide additional new customer information once he/she chooses to be registered. Once registered, a customer will be given a username and password to be used for future reservations. The username and password will always be emailed to the customer at the email address provided. The customer must be assigned a unique customer account number and a master file record will be created. In order to fetch the vehicle, the customer will provide the attendant at the office with the printed claim ticket. If the customer does not have the claim ticket, the attendant will query the system for the particular reservation to verify that the reservation is legitimate. The customer will then provide documents to support all the other information given over the telephone or keyed via the Internet (name, address, national ID number, driving permit number). The system will automatically interface with a module of the Election and Boundaries Commission System to authenticate the national identification number. The system will also automatically interface with the National Transportation System to authenticate the driving permit number.

If the verification of the documents or the authentication of the ID and/or driving permit numbers fails, the customer is denied the service and also the registration. Once the attendant is satisfied with the verification of the documents and the authentication of the ID and driving permit numbers, the attendant will query the database of available vehicles to see if a vehicle matching the make and model of the vehicle reserved is available. If the matching vehicle is available, the particular vehicle would be assigned to the customer and the system updated to reflect that the vehicle is no longer available for rental. If not, the customer is allowed to make another choice from the available vehicles and a new vehicle is assigned to the customer.

The vehicle will then be fetched from the parking lot. The attendant will record the mileage, the amount of gas in the tank (which is always a full tank) and the due date for returning the vehicle. The rental payment is calculated using the rate per day to rent the particular vehicle and the number of days the vehicle is to be rented together with a refundable deposit amount, insurance charges and a fixed charge for a full tank of gas. An invoice, prepared and printed from the system, is given to the customer. The customer will make the payment to the cashier and a payment receipt in duplicate is issued to the customer. The receipt will be taken back to the attendant as proof that the payment was made and the copy of the receipt and vehicle delivered to the customer.

On returning the vehicle, the customer will deliver the vehicle to the attendant, who will inspect the vehicle, record the mileage and the amount of gas in the gas tank. If the vehicle is returned after the due date or if the gas tank is not full, the attendant will calculate the overdue amount and again give the customer an invoice to make the additional payment to the cashier. Once the customer returns with the payment receipt for the additional amount, the transaction is complete. If the vehicle is returned before the due date, the customer is entitled to a refund. The cashier will make the refund to the customer when presented with a refund voucher prepared by the attendant. If the vehicle is returned on the due date with a full tank of gas, the customer is free to go. In all situations, once the attendant is satisfied that all conditions of the vehicle rental are met, the customer is thanked for his patronage and invited to use the service again in the future.…...

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