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Validity of Sports Massage

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The Validity of Sports Massage Treatments with Regards To Current Practices

Therapeutic sports massage in the context of sports specific injuries and rehabilitation, has been said to not only improve the physical attributes of certain structures and muscles within the human body, but to also have a strong psychological effect for an individual helping them overcome injury or increasing their injury prevention rate while helping to optimise performance (Galloway, 2004). In light of this it can be assumed that every person irrespective of whether they play sport or not, would benefit highly from some form of massage therapy (Alvarado, 2002).

To assess whether or not sports massage is an effective method of treatment or is in actual fact just a psychological treatment that has no real impact on the body, it is necessary to observe and evaluate the conducted research of current practitioners and other researchers that provide valid arguments to either strengthen or weaken the claim for more massage to be performed. The proposed benefits and hindrances will need to be highlighted within recent literature alongside the credibility of the sources that the research is derived from, as only if a source is deemed to be reliable can the research be seen as potential evidence to back up discussed points and reasoning. This review of literature will also set out to identify any potential future research points that could be taken to highlight and eradicate gaps in the current literature.

Table 1 Author | Year | Participants | Study Design | Search Terms | Findings | Age | Title | Jonhagen et al | 2004 | 16 | To test recovery periods of equally active quadriceps, with one having sports massage post event and the other having no treatment. | Sports, Massage, quadriceps, treatment | Sports massage could not improve recovery after eccentric exercise | 20-38 | Sports Massage After Eccentric Exercise | Kokkonen, J. Allred, J | 2002 | 11 | To measure changes in strength and flexibility due to a chronic sports massage treatment. | Sports, massage, treatment, flexibility | The MASSAGE leg demonstrated higher strength and flexibility gains than the NO-MASSAGE leg. | 18-30 | The Effects Of Chronic Sports Massage On Strength And Flexibility | Coles et al | 2005 | 17 (6m), (11f) | To determine the effect pre-competition sports massage has on range of motion (ROM), peak isokinetic torque (PIT), and time to peak isokinetic torque (TPIT) of the quadriceps muscle group in comparison to a no massage (control) condition. | Sports, Massage, Treatment, Range of motion | Range of movement increased after Sports Massage, no difference in peak isokinetic torque after massage or time to peak isokinetic torque. | 20-24 | Effect Of Sports Massage On Range Of Motion, Peak Torque, And Time To Peak Torque | Wiltshire et al | 2010 | 12 | This study tested the hypothesis that one of the ways sports massage aids muscle recovery from exercise is by increasing muscle blood flow to improve "lactic acid" removal. | Sports, Massage, Treatment, Lactic Acid | Massage impairs La- and H+ removal from muscle after strenuous exercise by mechanically impeding blood flow. | 23-25 | Massage Impairs Postexercise Muscle Blood Flow and "Lactic Acid" Removal |

As there are a large number of studies that have been completed with regards to this particular field of interest, it is essential that the studies which will prove to be more informative and accurate with the results required for this observation need to be limited to particular ranges when searched for. To ensure that this is objective is accurately achieved, a literature matrix has been devised (Table 1). This matrix shows a detailed breakdown of the journals and studies that have been deemed to be the most appropriate for these research purposes. Search criteria has been narrowed down to ensure results fall into the categories of; date of study between 2000- present, participants between 10-30, ages between 18-40 and study design or results to have some relevance to performance of participants after receiving post event or post exercise massage treatments. Key words also used to gain the most appropriate results were; sports, massage, treatment, flexibility, range of motion, quadriceps and lactic acid.

It seems relevant to begin to analyse the literature in a chronological order, as new techniques and research methods are being developed or discovered every day. With this in mind it proves that methods that may be found more recently will provide more areas for discussion when relating to concepts of sports massage than those methods that are quite out dated.

The first study completed was one by Kokkonen (2002) and this explored the effects of chronic sports massage of strength and flexibility within an individual. With the results gathered it seemed that the effects of massage had a significant influence on the increase of strength and flexibility on limbs that had received the treatment, but in certain areas
Kokkonen has been very vague in the study. Kokkonen has decided on the method of treatment being given to either the right or left leg while the other remains as a control to measure results against, it has not been researched as to whether a person’s dominant leg is receiving treatment or not. This could lead to obscured results as if the dominant leg is not being treated then muscles will not have anywhere near full potential for strength measurements when tested as they will have overuse symptoms.

Kokkonen has completed 2 other studies (1996, 2008) that have both administered the test conditions on a specific leg, while the other leg remains untested. Again no consideration into leg dominance has been identified and this may lead researchers to believe that the author is very limited in his testing techniques, and does not take into consideration any variables that may have an effect on the results gained.

The study does not define at what point massage is being administered whether it be pre or post event, whereas Coles et al (2005), has clearly observed that while massage post event has shown that joints will receive a higher range of motion, it has no effect of peak torque production. The participants were randomly chosen and no other details have been recorded for them with regards to height, weight, sex, sporting history or injury history. Coles et al
(2005) have screened the participants for their study thoroughly beforehand to identify the level of activeness within the group and chose to show that both male and female participants were involved in the study.

Fitts (2008) highlights how essential it is to promote removal of lactic acid from exercised muscles, as the build-up of such presences gave a substantial increase in muscle fatigue. A study by Wiltshire et al (2010) into the possible negative responses to lactic acid removal and muscle blood flow from active massage therapy has highlighted that although the immediate thought by therapists is to perform massage to increase vasodilation to body parts which in theory should reduce lactic acid in the affected area (Callaghan 1993), the results that were produced have shown an insignificant reduction in lactic acid levels via massage.

Although the statement produced by Fitts (2008) seems to provide a sound logic towards promoting attributes in muscles, the previous studies completed have all been relevant towards studies based on space stations or micro gravity experiments. With this in mind it may be deemed that the credibility of the authors work towards effective sports related theories is inconclusive. Although the work produced should not be dismissed completely, it should only be considered to be a contributing factor to other research conducted and not an intermittent factor in deciding the positive or negative effect of massage associated with lactic acid removal.

With Jonhagen (2004) stating a theory that massage is actually perceived as a viable method to reducing the risk of an athlete or performer receiving delayed onset muscle soreness
(DOMS), this is a study that needs to be examined in more depth. The testing that has been conducted is solely focused towards the performance of eccentric types of exercise, where the muscle lengthens under specific amounts of tension or force. Eccentric loading is known for its muscle building properties (Ochi, 2006) through forcing the actin and myosin fibres to work harder to perform the contraction required, therefore promoting bigger growth than that of concentric loading. But what Jonhagen fails to state is that DOMS is predominately acquired from eccentric training but can also occur from concentric training. Alongside this although the tests have been performed on subjects lower limbs, no attempt has been made to investigate the effects of massage on upper limb parts. Lower limbs are constantly in use in day to day activities such as walking, whereas upper limbs are generally dormant in everyday life until needed so the test conducted may have obscure results as some individuals may walk to the test centre, others may drive and in so doing will have used the limbs more or less than other subjects.

From the research conducted around the areas of sports massage it is shown that yes the effects of sports massage on individuals who have been training are positive, but there are many gaps in the literature that need to be highlighted and addressed. To get an informed view on the process and all effects the treatment has then every eventuality should be taken into consideration and researched in as much depth as possible.

Reference List
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Reasonably clear writing style for the most part. Have used journal articles and have used the correct format for layout and referencing. Have attempted to critique.
Need to narrow down the topic area as the title was too broad an didn’t allow me to review anything n depth. Need to draw together the assignment in the conclusion which wasn’t done. Didn’t review the psychological effects of sports massage at all, yet it was highlighted in as one of the effects in the intro.
Need to undertake an appropriate literature search, there were very few articles reviewed on the effects of sports massage, ( 4 in total on different areas), so this precluded from making any informed critique of the area.
Try to avoid using unsubstantiated statements.
Put literature matrix in the appendices not the main body.

Page 4 – justify your inclusion criteria, (key words)
How does it prove??
Sentence doesn’t make sense – chronic sports massage
If the power output pre and post massage treatment was compared on the same leg then this isn’t a flaw as the results are compared on the same leg.

Page 6 – eccentric training is used because it is known to induce doms and therefore a reliable method to standardise the training effects for participants in order to compare the effects of massage.
Upper limbs quote – separate study needed to investigate this as it is not appropriate to do this while looking at lower limbs.…...

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Thai Massage

...협회는 서울을 포함해 13개의 지부를 전국에 개설하고 있다 태국 마사지가 저변을 확대하고 있는 원인으로는 우선 마사지 문화가 발달되어 있는 태국 여행이 많아진 것을 들 수 있다. 한국인 태국 관광객 수는 이미 1년에 100만명을 이미 돌파했다. 또 웰빙이라는 사회적 트렌드와 함께 업무 피로로 인한 스트레스 해소도 이유가 될 것이다. 태국 마사지의 경쟁력도 중요한 원인으로 꼽을 수 있다. [pic] Thai Orchid Thai Orchid [pic] Thai Traditional Massage Feasibility Plan Prepared By 이 성 화 상경계열 4학년 9710435 Date Prepared 2003년 4월 14일 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Venture Description 젊은 층을 대상으로 태국 전통 마사지를 제공하는 서비스업. Service 기존의 안마 시술소나 피부 관리실에서만 행해지던 마사지를 젊은 층의 휴식 및 놀이 문화로 전환시켜, 쾌적한 까페와 같은 분위기에서, 태국 전통의 전신 마사지, 발 마사지, 얼굴 마사지 등을 제공하는 서비스. 부대적으로, 태국식 아로마 테라피 용품을 비롯한 건강, 미용 용품 판매. The Market 이 사업이 진출할 시장은 아직 존재하지 않으나, 미용실, 피부 관리실 등이 유사한 시장이라고 볼 수 있음. Start-up Costs 3억원 Price & Profitability 점포 임대 비용, 내부 인테리어 비용, 관련 설비 구입비용, 수건 및 장비 구입비용, 종업원 교육 비용 PRODUCT/SERVICE Concept of the Service 태국 전통 마사지는 근육을 대상으로 하는 유럽의 마사지와는 달리 몸을 통해 흐르는 에너지의 중요한 경선들에 집중하여, 신체를 조화롭게, 막혀있는 혈관을 뚫어주고, 에너지 선들을 따라 부족함을 보충하는 방식. 스트레칭을 통한 치료법으로 신체의 압점에 작용하는 것으로 경직된 근육을 완화하고 혈액순환을 자극함. 사업 모델의 태국 전통 마사지는 전신 마사지, 발 마사지, 얼굴 마사지 등 3개의 서비스로 이루어짐. Stage of Development 태국의 Wat Pho Thai Traditional Massage School의 프로그램을 토대로 종업원 교육 프로그램 구축. 전문 마사지사 양성. Service Limitations 마사지사-고객의 1대 1 서비스인 만큼, 노동집약적이고, 임금 비중이 큼. 태국 현지 네트워크를 통해 숙련 마사지사의 채용이 중요함. Related Products/Services and Spin-Offs 마사지 서비스로부터 시작해, 태국 전통 아로마 테라피, 허브 등의 건강 및 미용 상품 판매, 태국 관련 상품 판매로 사업 범위를 넓혀갈 수 있음. 브랜드와 태국 현지 네트워크를......

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...elected to host such mega event. Why should countries compete to host this event? There could be numerous reasons why a number of countries are keen on hosting World Cup, but the most compelling is the promise of an economic and social windfall. Soccer is one of the sports which people tend to identify themselves with. It has gained popularity owing to its impacts on the players, followers, states and other stakeholders. Currently, the game is estimated to have the highest number of followers than any other sport. Due to its vast effects, Soccer World Cups have gained popularity in the past two decades. For the previously held World Cups, great focus has been on social and economic effects. There numerous articles that have been written about the positive and negative effects of World Cups especially to the host countries. Before the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, it was estimated that it would improve the region’s economy by about 0.5 % per year (The Economist, 2010). South African’s economy was estimated to experience 3% annual growth hence the impact of World Cup was definitely a huge chunk. The economic impact of World Cup seems to dominate news headlines in the country and around the world. The sport has both short term and long term economic effects. It is often assumed that the host countries enjoy huge profits. Existing research and statistics on both social and economic impacts of World Cups, however, are often based on estimations made by financial and......

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Reliability and Validity

...Reliability and Validity Walter Boothe BSHS/382 April 23, 2012 Staci Lowe Reliability and Validity In human services, research and testing is conducted in order to provide the most effective program possible. Testing methods should have both reliability and validity. They should be both consistent and specific. This paper will discuss two types of reliability and two types of validity and provide examples of how each can be applied to human services research. Additionally, this paper will discuss methods of gathering data in human services, and why it is vital that these methods have reliability and validity. Reliability Reliability refers to the consistency of a measure. A test is considered reliable if we get the same result repeatedly (Cherry, 2010).Regardless of the reason for testing administering a test , in order for it to be reliable , the results should be approximately the same each time it is administered. Unfortunately, it is impossible to calculate reliability exactly, but it can be estimated in a number of different ways (Cherry, 2010). Two specific types of reliability are inter –rater reliability and internal consistency reliability. Inter –rater reliability is assessed by having two or more independent judges score the test (Cherry, 2010). The scores are compared to determine the consistency of the rater’s estimates. One way to test inter-rater reliability is to have each rater assign each test item a score (Cherry, 2010). Next, test......

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