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Us Education Today and Tomorrow

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Educational Reform Essay
Lance E. Ebel
Grand Canyon University: SEC 501
September 9, 2015

Educational Reform Essay
Looking back on education over the years there have been many changes. Some of the significant changes that have taken place, were established to support and help students succeed in school such as the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, School Choice, and Technology. Each one has had a significant impact on our educational system today. Each of these changes have been established to support and help all students succeed in school.
With the onset of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 standardized testing has become a major instrument for gauging student and teacher performance (Smyth 2011). Based on how students perform, schools performance is measured based upon how they match up with other schools across the country. In some way this is unfair as the demographics of each school are different. When teachers are concerned with how their students are performing on a test it eliminates the opportunity to teach higher level thinking and reduces a teacher’s creativity in the classroom (Smyth 2011). According to Thomas Rabovsky 2011, “School choice refers to a wide variety of policies that allow students to transfer out of an assigned residential public school. These policies range from fairly limited systems of public choice, to more expensive systems of choice that provides tuition vouchers for students to exit the public school system entirely and attend private school instead” (Rabavsky 2011). The school choice movement has allowed families to make intra-district transfers and in a few states allowed students to move from the public school system to a private school through the use of a tuition voucher (Hseih 2001).

Technology is another significant change in the world of education. Because of technology, teachers now have resources at…...

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