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Unit 2 Bu224 Microeconomics Discussion Post

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Economics studies how people, acting as individuals or in groups, decide to use scarce resources to satisfy wants. This fundamental economic concept of scarcity is at the core of the discipline. There are never enough natural resources, human resources, or capital resources (man-made goods such as tools, equipment, machinery, factories) to produce everything society wants. Therefore, choices must be made on what to produce, how to produce, and for whom to produce. Choices must also be made at a personal level. There never seems to be enough money or time to have or to do everything one wants.
Economics is a way of thinking, a science of making choices. Economists examine the decision-making processes of individuals, businesses, markets, governments, and economies as a whole. An understanding of economic principles helps people to consider not only the short-term effects of a decision, but also its long-term effects and possible unintended consequences; to see the connections between personal self-interest and societal goals; to understand how individual and social choices are made in the context of an economy; and to analyze the impact of public policies and events upon such social goals as freedom, efficiency, and equity.

Because of increasing interdependence and globalization, everyone in the United States needs to be aware of the issues in the global economy, their role in that system, and be able to respond to changes so that they can effectively maintain or raise their standard of living.
• Due to scarcity, individuals, families, communities, and societies as a whole, must make choices in their activities and consumption of goods and services.
• Goods, services, and resources in a market economy are allocated based on the choices of consumers and producers.
• Effective decision making requires comparing the additional costs of alternatives…...

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