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Unemployment Problem in Bangladesh

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angla Unemployment Probem In BD


Unemployment means the state of being without any work both for the educated and the uneducated for earning one’s livehood.This problem has become a great concern all over the world.But nowhere in the world this problem is so acute as in Bangladesh.Thousands of people in our country are without any job.At present the toughest task for any young man is to manage a job.It is tedious and sometimes humiliating.A person has to run year after year from office to office to find out a job.Hundreds of candidates swarm over a single post.The bad effect of unemployment is not only confined to the economic field but also destroys the sense of moral valus for want of employment.Many young people become frustrated.They have to lead a vagabond life.They have to idle away their time.Life becomes a curse and burden to them.When there is no dim ray of hope,they resort to commit different types of crimes like hijacking,plundering,robbery,murder,terrorism,drug addicting etc.

History of unemployment in Bangladesh
Historically for a long time British administration was the main cause of this problem. After ending Mughol regime when British came in Sub continent (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh) they started to do business, they exploited the sub-continent. They did not establish any Industry which is helpful to remove the unemployment problem. Though some Industry was made but all of them were placed in Indian Territory. So Bangladesh region was neglected from the British period. After ending British rule in 1947 Pakistan adopted the same rule they established all kinds of Industry in West Pakistan not in East Pakistan. As a result of Pakistani monopoly rule we saw the freedom fighting war in 1971. After nine months continuous war it is divided and named East Pakistan as a Bangladesh. After 1971 Bangladesh has been facing political crisis badly. As a result no government can take long term massive step to remove the unemployment problem. Within 37 years Bangladesh has experience about eight new governments and two assassination incident at the top level country leader. So now political crisis is one of the major causes of unemployment problem in Bangladesh. Among others two major parties BNP and Aowamileague are busy to gain only political power. None of these parties are trying to do anything to solve the country’s major problem “UNEMPLOYEMENT PROBLEM” Recent attitude and activity of political parties are very hateful to the common people. By election if a party goes to power then another party cannot accept that, they do not go to parliament they do not express constructive opinion in the parliament which is helpful for common people. But they should not do it. May be there is some discrimination of the election result but there are overall acceptation of the common people.

Unemployment rate:

Country | 1996 | 2001 | 2003 | 2005 | 2006 | 2006 | 2007 | 2008 | 2009 | 2010 | Bangladesh | 35.2 | 35 | 40 | 40 | 40 | 2.5 | 2.5 | 2.5 | 5.1 | 4.8 |

note: about 40% of the population is underemployed; many participants in the labor force work only a few hours a week, at low wages

Causes of unemployment: There are many reasons behind unemployment problem.

Population growth: Our country is over populated.The rapid growth of population is the main reason of unemployment problem.Job facilities are very small in proportion to the growth of propagation.And this increasing number of population outpaces all development of the country.

Industrial backwardness: Our county is industrially very much backward.In fact the development in this field is very slow.Cottage industries have almost decayed.The few mills,factories and industries that we have can only absorb a limited number of people.

Limited cultivable land: Most of the people of our country depend on agriculture.But our cultivable land is very limited.So,it can not engage a huge number of people.Moreover,this profession is seasonal.So,the farmers have to sit idle for a few months a year.

Faulty education system: Our present system of education in stead of giving any solution,creates educated unemployed youngmen.In out educational system there is no much scope of giving vocational training and technical education to a student.So after taking the highest degree even from the gighest seat of learning,they remain unemployment.

Attitude of our educated young men: Our educated youngmen generally think it to be disgraceful to do any manual work.They prefer service to any kind of business.This false sense of dignity and prestige is one of the reasons of their being unemployment.

Effect of unemployment problem
The effects of rural-urban migration in Bangladesh are analyzed to identify a relationship between migration and underdevelopment. Poverty, unemployment and natural hazards appear to be the main reasons for the rural exodus. The preference for moving to a large city is found to be determined by the urban bias in planning both by national and international authorities, and by the public amenities and resources available in the urban areas. An analysis of the levels and trends in urbanization reveals the notable role
Rural-urban migration in the rapid growth of the urban population. Most migrants are young, unmarried males of working age. A case study of migrants in Dhaka City illustrates the reasons for and consequences of migration. It is concluded that rural-urban migration is mainly a survival strategy of the rural poor. To think about greater welfare of the country they should keep patient, they should support the Government they should assist the Government to take the long term strategy to remove the unemployment problem. If we watch towards Japan, Korea, Malaysia what we will see? Due to Industrialization they have changed a lot. Without Industrialization no nation can expect strong economic basement and solution of unemployment problem. After political settlement the first and foremost thing for Bangladesh is, to build up industry to remove the unemployment problem. If they can assure the political calm and stable situation, then foreigner will come to invest in manufacturing sector to build new industry. In this respect Transportation, Road and Highway, Electricity should be reconstructed strongly otherwise everything will be failed. Especially Automobile and Electronics Industry are the major items to intensify a country’s overall financial condition. Most of money is spent in these two sectors. Lot of population can be employed in this industry. Because by surrounding a automobile or electronics industry hundreds of supporting small industry will be built up. As a result a lot of people will be employed. In this respect Government should adopt a strong and strict policy about importing used car. After establishing automobile industry they should ban import of all used car. Used car import is destroying the environment and employment opportunity. To intensify the overall industrialization our Ambassadors who are employed in different countries specially Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore can help the Government to adopt strong, effective, active and successful policy. Because they are well known with those countries environment, government and people. They have practical and expert feeling about the development policy in different sector of the respective country. We have already wasted a lot of time. We don’t want to live as the poorest and neglected nation in the world. We want our economic growth, our honor. We have a lot of workforce and a lot of money in the Bank. But due to proper utilization and proper development planning we are staying in back. In this regard Political leader, Intellectual, Industrialist, Planner, Ambassador, Teacher Student and migrated generation in abroad should contribute to achieve the country’s economic progress. If we can take proper steps to obtain our economic growth, then we can remove our unemployment problem. God says if you want to love me try to love people first. If you believe in God you have to love people. Ask yourself according your ability and responsibility how much has you done to help the people to help the country? 80% People are living in rural area. After a long struggle a village parents educate his children helped them to grown up. They help them to gain college or university degree. Rest duty is yours. That is Government. Yes It is Government’s duty to provide job, to create job for our young generation. It is fundamental duty of a Government to solve the problem of Unemployment. Bangladesh is one of the most populated country in the world but according the people's demand there is not enough job facilities.

Measures to be taken :

No doubt unemployment problem is a curse and bar to the development of a nation . To remove this problem some following measures should be taken :

Population Control : The People Should be made aware of the growth of population though the growth rate of population has decreased from 2.7 % in 1991 to 1.5% in 2001 , it is not satisfactory .

Ensuring Education : Ensuring education for all is a must to eradicate unemployment problem . To develop a nation , education is a must . Because education is training to provide oneself to job field according to his skill . In this regard female education should not be neglected .

Improvement of landless farmers : Landless farmers should be given land free of cost . Schemes for distributing land are necessary to be incorporated every year in the national budget to stop migration . Besides financial grants or credit should be ensured for them at a very low interest .

Insustrialization : To create employments for the people more new industries , mills , and factories should be set up. For this purpose the entrepreneurs should be encouraged by the govt . Besides the investment in the industrial sector should have security .

Arrangement of training : The people who are in working age but not skilled or little skilled should be brought under training programme . By giving them training , the unskilled hands may be turned into skill hands . This will help a lot to eradicate unemployment problem .

Conclusion: Unemployment is a great curse to a nation.We can not expect the development of our country leaving its millions of people unemployed to survive as a boastful nation.We should make all out efforts to get rid of this curse.…...

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