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Understanding Your Ethical Responsibilities

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Excerpted from The Tracks We Leave: Ethical and Management Dilemmas in Healthcare, Second Edition, by Frankie Perry, RN, LFACHE (Health Administration Press, 2013)


Understanding Your
Ethical Responsibilities

Hea lt h c a re l eader s and those aspiring to be leaders must recognize first and foremost that character and integrity constitute the very cornerstone of leadership. Organizations have failed and promising careers have been derailed when ethics have been relegated to secondary importance or, worse yet, ignored in the pursuit of more bottom-line considerations. Healthcare managers must understand their role and responsibility in creating an ethical healthcare environment that is honest, just, and always in the best interests of those being served. Whether you are the CEO, an assistant administrator, a department head, a program manager, or a clinician, if you are “in charge,” you have the ultimate responsibility for establishing the culture and setting the standards of conduct in your sphere of influence.
This task is not always an easy one. Nor is it easy for well-intentioned managers to always make ethical decisions themselves.

In our book Healthcare Leadership Excellence: Creating a Career of Impact, James
Rice and I identify some of the common barriers to ethical decision making and seven pitfalls for managers to avoid (Rice and Perry 2013, 29–37). We then make recommendations for building a solid culture and infrastructure to support ethical decision making throughout the organization. The following summarizes those pitfalls and our recommendations for overcoming them:
1. Failing to recognize that ethics and management decisions are interrelated.
Management decisions are too often based solely on financial data, market share, and other bottom-line considerations without…...

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