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Uncle Tom's Cabin

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All blacks struggled to survive the slave era in early America no matter what age group. A majority of slave owners worked all of their slaves from children to the elderly as much as they could. Though everyone struggled, being an enslaved child could have possibly been the worst age to be during this time. Most slave children were torn from their blood families which created a lack of love and affection which every child should have in their younger years of life. Thus, these children were forced into their slave owners homes which created a new family for them, sometimes positive or negative. Most importantly, slave children weren’t given much of a childhood; they were torn from their human rights of freedom, education, equality, and many other civil liberties. Uncle Tom’s Cabin, a fictional work by Harriet Beecher Stowe, accurately compares to the real accounts of former slaves on the subject of enslaved children. Along with Stowe’s book, many slave narratives talk about these unfortunate events enslaved children went through. In Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Harry is the first child Stowe introduces to the reader. Even though his story ends up having a happy ending, his family had always been incomplete while they were enslaved. Harry is Eliza and Henry Harris’s son; due to Eliza and Henry being on different farms, Harry would rarely ever see his father. Therefore, Harry and his father could not engage in many bonding experiences white children and their fathers could enjoy. In chapter III, Mr. Harris escapes to Canada because his master is forcing him to marry another woman on his own farm, ultimately, having to abandon Eliza and Harry. His escape could ultimately force Harry to never see his father again. Along with being torn from his father, Harry comes close to being sold by Mr. Shelby in order to pay off his debt. If Harry were to be sold, he would be torn from his…...

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