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This essay will highlight the mission statement of the Australian Catholic University (ACU) and focus on the ethical challenges that Midwives face on a daily basis. It will also emphasise the strategies that can be implemented by Midwives when challenged with ethical issues that may arise. Midwifery is a professional discipline that combines science, art, as well as strong ethical values (Ozcan & Akpinar & Ergin 2012) Individuals are not born with a set of values. The values are formed by interactions with environment, family, culture and through education. (Miles & Francis, 2010) The ACU’s Mission statement gives insight into the values that are imperative to model the aspects of a fair and equitable environment. ACU has a proven history of intellectual tradition which has a strong focus on higher education where academic integrity and a spiritual perspective are encapsulated. As well as a solid commitment toward quality teaching, research and service within the community. ACU also seeks to contribute in a universal scene through fundamental concerns of justice, equity and dignity for all human beings, whilst upholding the values of the common good. Midwifery as a profession values respect for privacy, client autonomy, justice and avoiding harm and working toward the common good for the community (ACU, 2010).
Midwives have many roles as they care for women prenatally, during labour and postnatally, as they provide physical, educational and psychosocial needs of both the mother and the fetus throughout the experience of pregnancy. They have to make critical decisions as ethical issues often arise, which may sometimes be contradictory to that of their own personal and professional values; regarding issues such as contraception, assisted reproduction, abortion, giving birth, resuscitation, as well as helping women suffering with substance and amphetamine…...

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