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Two Ways to Belong in America

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Two Ways to Belong in America
- The textwas written in New York Times, so this information is reliable, serious and reslistic.
- The author of the txt is Bharati MUKHERJEE. She was born on july 27, 1940 is an Indian- born American writer who is currently a professor in department of english at the university of California. Her Ph.D in 1969 from the department of Comperative literatüre. She wrote numerous fiction and non- fiction. She considers herself as an American writer. She was born into a wealthy family which assisted her in dream of becoming a writer. She lived in India, Europe, USA, Canada. Migrating to these countries that are so different from her place of birth enabled her to write very powerful novels on immigrant experience. She lived many part of the World, sos he knows affects of living as a immigrant.
- The title suggests about the text is that there is two ways to be an American citizenship.
- The intended audience is immigrants who has similiar issues.
- The thesis statement is that this is a tale of two sisters from calculate,Mira and Bharati, who have lived in the USA for some 35 years, but who find themselves on different sides in the current debate over the status of immigrants.
- The author begins the essay by giving some informations about herself and her sister. The argument is examined by the author how they feel about being immigrants.
- Key idea: I am her only blood relative on this continent. The price that the immigrant willingly pays, and that the exile avoids, is trauma of self-transformation.
- The text producer establises an informal and touchy relationship with the readers because she writes her and her sister’s experience.
- The tone of the text is touchy.
- The basic structure of the text is expressive because the text emphasis the writer’s feelings.
The author uses informal expressions in he text.…...

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