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Tsotsi is set in South Africa in a township made up of slum dwellings called shacks. It is about a boy called Tsotsi who goes through a rough time. The film begins with a group of gangsters. They are violent and bad there are four main characters in the gang. Tsotsi is the main character leader and then other three characters are called Boston, Butcher and Fela. Tsotsi see’s a man in a train station and follows him to the train and they kill him for his money and then they run away leaving him dying. We later see him stealing a car from a rich family; however he does not know there is a baby inside the car. Tsotsi gets very close to the baby. Then Tsotsi follows a woman called Miriam played by Terry Pheto and forces her to breastfeed the baby, the women gets fond of the baby and ask Tsotsi if she can have the baby. The audience is left to consider, should he give the baby to the women?

In the end the women tells Tsotsi to give the baby to its parents. Then Tsotsi agrees and gives the baby to the parents, but he gets arrested because he stole the baby and also killed a man. However, Tsotsi could have escaped but the baby cry’s and the effect that it has on Tsotsi made him change his mind about escaping because he has feelings for the baby and the baby is use to looked after by Tsotsi and that he does not want to leave the baby.

Tsotsi discovers that he has changed since he finding the baby. At the beginning he is very bad because he doesn’t have anything to look forward to and also he doesn’t t have any one to look after him. When he finds the baby, however, he is very close to him; he doesn’t want to let it go. He sees the baby as his own child. Tsotsi played by Presley cheweneyagae. Is best known for starring in the film “Tsotsi”, I think Presley is a very good actor because I believe that Tsotsi’s character is believable. The way he acts is very…...

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