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Laura throneberry
Mrs. Aguilar
Dual Credit English
September 9, 2013
Life’s Unexpected Changes
Moving away from all of your best friends can be a real tragedy in a sixteen-year-old teenagers life. It's hard to get up and go thousand miles away from everyone you know and everything you grew up around. I had this happen to me not once, but twice. Moving from Houston to Orlando then to Waco was the largest change I have ever had to adjust to in my life. It wasn't the changes around me that I was bothered by; it was that I did not know one living soul for hundreds of miles and all I wanted was a friend.
I had two days left of summer before my junior year, at my beloved private school in Orlando, started. My dad tried to explain to me that we would be moving to a town in “The Heart of Texas” called Waco. I honestly thought that he was just joking with me, but he continued to tell me about how he had an awesome opportunity there. At that point the only thing I knew about Waco was that Baylor and a crazy cult was there resided there. My dad then told me that I would get to stay the rest of the semester in Florida, but we would be moving the day after Christmas. I was devastated, I ran to my room and cried for about an hour with thoughts of all my friends running through my head. I had only just moved to Orlando a year ago, but now it was my home! I had cheer, lacrosse, and all my best friends. I couldn’t comprehend how they could move me again. I was being selfish and not even thinking about my parents. It was beyond doubt one of the biggest challenges of my life. During those last few months I was there I went out with my friends every night trying to have as much fun as I possibly could have, but the moving day was always looming over my head. When the moving day had sadly come, I still not ready to leave. I just couldn't accept leaving all I know…...

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