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Bambang Elementary School Los Baños Laguna Pay-per Me-ché Livelihood Project I. Rationale

Appreciation of the arts is most prominent in children during their primary education. Moreover, children learn easier and faster through graphic aids and pictures than studying purely by text. This implies that arts is an effective way of teaching lessons and values to the youth.

Two of the key values necessary for community development are entrepreneurship and creativity. Thus, it would be advantageous to implant these values at an early age so as there will be more room for development in the future.

In order to effectively impart these key values to the youth, certain activities must be conducted that will not only introduce the said values but also enhance it.

The proposed training program entitled Pay-per Me-ché is designed specifically so that the Grade 6 and SPED students of Bambang Elementary School will learn some ways on having a livelihood project that they can adopt as early as now for a long-term means of profit and at the same time is appropriate for their age.

The Pay-per Me-ché livelihood project will be conducted in cooperation with the faculty of Bambang Elementary School for a more efficient implementation. II. Goal

The livelihood project aims to: * Enhance and instill to the students the value of creativity * Enhance and instill to the students the value of entrepreneurship * Provide the community (youth) an alternate means of livelihood and promote recycling * Improve the confidence of the students in handling entrepreneurial activities, and; * Promote to the students the of value industriousness.

III. Activity Design A. Threads
The Seven Running Threads of the training program are as follows: 1. Creativity 2. Resourcefulness 3. Environmental-consciousness 4. Confidence 5. Appreciation of art 6. Industriousness 7. Responsibility

B. Themes

The activity has two themes:
1. The first theme named “The Creative Step” is to help the grade 6 and
SPED students how to be creative and confident in expressing themselves in terms of art through the means of creating papermache boxes.

2. The second theme named “The Economic Step” is to give insight on how to sell these papermache boxes for others to use.

Table 1. Running Threads and themes of the training program (including the name of the activities)

Running Threads | * Creativity * Resourcefulness * Environmental-consciousness * Confidence * Appreciation of art * Industriousness * Responsibility | Themes | | | The Creative Step * “Bring Me” game * How to make the papermache mixture * How to make creative designs on paper using the papermache technique * How to transform old cans or containers into profitable yet creative papermache-covered cans | | | The Economic Step * Picture Tableau * How to sell the finished products efficiently to gain more profits * Inspirational Talk/Advice Sharing |

C. Input–Process–Output

Table 2. IPO Table Input | Process | Output | I. The Creative Step | Structured Learning Experiences“Bring Me” game“Pay-per me-che” (Paper-mache recyclables) | Discuss the lessons learned and objectives in making the paper-mache.Resourcefulness in what materials could be used as replacement for expensive materialsRecycling of objects usually considered as trash, creativity and thinking “outside the box” | II. The Economic Step | Structured Learning Experiences (SLEs)“Picture Tableau” gameSell the finished products to real paying customersAdvertise the business | Discuss tips and advice on how to promote and sell their livelihoodEncouraging creative thinking in other things than arts and craftsEarning profit and using it efficiently, learning how to gain profits with a small capitalKnowing the concept of advertisement of their livelihood |

IV. Timetable and Resources

V. Budgetary Requirements

Table 4. Budgetary requirements of the training program, including the resource-sharing scheme

Item | Quantity | Amount | Tissue | 1 roll of tissue paper per 5 students | 300 pesos (15pesos per roll) | Glue | 50 pieces | 400 pesos (8 pesos) | Toothpicks | 5 packs | 70 pesos (14 pesos per packs ) | Construction paper | 20 packs | 500 pesos (Approx. 25 pesos per pack) | Cans(eg pringles, piknik) | 100 cans (recycled/bring your own next meeting) | --- | Zesto juice | 10 boxes | 600 pesos (100/box) | Cheese whiz | 8 bottles | 448 pesos (56 pesos/ bottle) | Tasty bread(large) | 15 loaves | 600 pesos (40 pesos/loaf) | Total | | 2918 pesos |…...

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