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Memorandum [pic]

To: Kathleen Hicks

CC: Human Resources

Date: 1/26/12

Re: Training Materials: Internal Revenue Agents

This is in reply to your request for information about internal revenue agents. The material will help inform new employees about the demands and job requirements of an IRS agent. The information will be separated into several categories; necessary qualities, prior experience, and daily duties. Mrs. Angela Overstreet, IRS agent, happily helped our team gather information regarding the daily demands of her job.

Necessary Qualities

Internal revenue agents not only need the basic skills required to perform auditing, but agents also need important qualities such as integrity and commitment. A wide variety of skills are needed to perform audits at an efficient level. IRS agents must be dedicated to their work and willing to work with other to accomplish tasks.

Communication skills: IRS agents will be in contact with their co-workers, management, and customers. Customers will be comprised of high-ranking members of companies tax departments. Must be able to communicate effectively with specialized tax language.

Analytical skills: IRS agents will be examining income, sales, and excise tax returns for large and small corporations. Agents will be searching for any problems with these returns. Must be knowledgable with tax information and able to spot discrepancies in returns.

Organization skills: Agents will be handling large amounts of tax returns, records, and tax laws. Agents will deal with multiple corporations returns and cannot mix records. Must be able to keep an orderly workplace.

Computer skills: In today’s world, technological improvements have increased efficiency in the IRS. Agents will need to be able to operate auditing programs with ease.

Integrity: Agents will be dealing with confidential information that is critical to customers. Professional behavior regarding other’s property is crucial. As government employees, agents will be held to the utmost standard.

Commitment: Tax auditing can be a tiring and difficult work. To increase their effectiveness, employees must learn to enjoy their work and dedicate a good amount of time into learning tax laws.

Prior Experience and Education

A college education is not necessary for some entry level positions. A high school education can be used to gain entry into the IRS. However, for career advancement opportunities, a college level education is needed. It is also encouraged that agents obtain an MBA for separation from competition for advancement.

For most entry-level positions, a bachelor’s degree is required in accounting or,“related fields such as business law, economics, statistical/quantitative methods, computerized accounting or financial systems, financial management or finance” ( 1). An associate’s degree can also be accepted for entry.

“Additionally...experience must [show] sufficient...skill in applying, financial accounting, abusive transactions, knowledge of corporate financial transactions and auditing techniques on business income tax returns. Relevant experience would include that which demonstrated the ability to audit a business return with significant assets” ( 1).

Employees will need to be obtain their CPA through a written state examination.

Agents must have served as a GS-0512 and GS-11 and have held both positions for 1 year each.

Agents must demonstrate skills in applying auditing techniques.

Agents will be required to undergo background checks to determine trustworthiness.

Daily Duties:

The daily responsibilities of an IRS agent is centered around auditing tax reports for businesses. Mrs. Angela Overstreet, a small business IRS agent, explains, “records that are provided to me and comparing them to the tax return to determine if the Taxpayer followed the tax laws.” Duties can be performed at the IRS office, taxpayer’s office, or representative’s office.

Investigate most complex returns by corporations that are highly diversified

Analyze accounting systems, business activities, and financing

Apply expert knowledge of, “Internal Revenue Code, rulings, court decisions, and agency policies, regulations, and practices to determine the correct tax liability”

Develop personalized procedures to efficiently complete tasks

Indicate fraudulent behavior using tax laws

Have to provide testimony in any cases where fraudulent behavior is discovered

Documents Utilized

Agents main job will be sifting through a large amount of paperwork that deal with numbers. Documents will include complex amount of numbers with different meanings, and agents must be able to identify problems through auditing.

Tax Law Books- IRS agents must have prior experience with the various tax laws. However, a tax book will be used extensively due to the vast amount of laws. Books will also be used to support claims of fraudulent behavior.

Tax Returns- The various amounts of tax returns, such as Form 706 and Form W-2, are used to determine income tax. Returns will be compared with financial records to determine if the law is being followed.

Financial Records- Agents are given access to corporation’s financial records in order to determine if the law is being followed.

Annotated Bibliography
Bls (2012). Retrieved from website:

The United States Department of Labor developed an occupational outlook handbook that included IRS agents. The handbook shows the work nature, required experience, and other career facts. This site was especially useful because it compared an IRS agent to similar government jobs. This site also linked me to more resources for research. Ehow (2012). Retrieved from website:

This site provided a very brief amount of information regarding an Internal Revenue agent. It describes the entry-level positions in the IRS, which is different from most of my other sources. It was the first website that showed that potential employees do not need a college education. This site also explained how to apply for the position.

IRSvideos (2012). Retrieved from website:

This video presentation is used to show the process of small business auditing, my interviewee’s specific position. It provided a great insight as to the daily duties of
IRS agents. The site is useful because it also shows how to handle audits by the IRS.

MBA-today (2012). Retrieved from website:

This site was useful for describing the nature of the job of an IRS agent. It describes the skills required to be successful. It shows how many agents become specialized in certain positions.It did not mention the prior job experience required. However, it does give the educational level needed to join and advance in the IRS. It also provides the salary and outlook for an IRS agent.

USAJOBS (2012). Retrieved from website:

This was the most helpful site and was provided by my interviewee. It gave the exact daily duties of an IRS agent. It also described the necessary qualities of Revenue agents, such as integrity and dedication. It also provided a detailed account of the required background for a position within the IRS.…...

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