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Toyota as of September 2009 announced an immediate recall for the floor mats on a number of the models of cars. Toyota thinks the solution to the problem is to allow more room between the gas pedal and floor mats. Toyota believes the accelerators in their cars is getting stuck down because the floor mats are coming into contact with the pedal and not releasing the pedal when the drivers’ foot is off it. Toyota Motor Corp. said “It will recall 3.8 million vehicles in the United States, the company's largest-ever U.S. recall, to address problems with a removable floor mat that could cause accelerators to get stuck and lead to a crash”(Thomas). Toyota is unsure of the underlying cause of their out of control accelerations for their vehicles but removing the floor mats is one possible solutions they suggest. Upon vehicle inspection of the cars that have accelerated out of control, evidence points that the possible cause was the floor mats coming into contact with pedal and not releasing the pedal when the operator need to slow down. These floor mats are interfering with the drivers and making the vehicles unsafe. This recall of the floor mats ranges through many of Toyotas models but Toyota insists this is a necessary measure to correct the problem. Toyota says that drivers should not replace floor mats with others until further analysis is done. Drivers should also take cars to authorized Toyota dealerships so they can reconfigure the shape of the floor surface and mat to allow more space between the accelerator and pedal. These fixes will make the car safer and should solve the problem.

Thomas, Ken. “Toyota, Lexus Mat Recall:3.8 Million Vehicles Recalled Over Floor Mats” September 29, 2010 . The Huffington Post. April 4, 2010…...

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