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Toyota Motor Corporation Swot Analysis

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Columbia Project: Use of Software to Achieve Competitive Advantage

Gaining and Sustaining Long-term Advantage Through Information Technology

Case Prepared By

William V. Rapp Co-Principal Investigator

The College of International Relations Ritsumeikan University Kyoto, Japan 914-945-0630 (Fax: 914-923-1416; 011-81-75-466-1214) E-mail: April 2000

SOFTWARE AS A TOOL OF COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY 1 2 3 4 5 Introduction: Objectives of this Benchmarking Study……………………….…….3 Approach: Methodology and Questions…………………………………………....9 Introduction to Case…………………………………………………………….…10 The Industry Context: The Japanese and Global Automobile Industries………….10 Toyota’s Multi-faceted Global Strategy………………………………….………..21 Smart Production (scheduling, buffer stocks, interactive controls) Smart Design IT and Management of Supplier Networks Smart Marketing Responding to Demand Changes Through Smart Production & Design 6 Smart Car…………………………………………………………………….……...42 Environmentally Smart Cars Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) 7 8 Information Technology Infrastructure and Project Selection………………………60 Summary - Controlling the Future…………………………………………………..68

Exhibit 1 - Promotion Plan for Intelligent Transportation System………………………78 Exhibit 2 - Toyota’s ITS Businesses and R&D………………………………………….79 Exhibit 3 - ITS Evolutionary Development……………………………………………..80 Appendix I Summary Answers to Questions for Toyota - Auto Strategy & Operations..81 Appendix II - Some Industry and Firm Data…………………………………………….88 Bibliography and References……………………………………………………………96


Introduction: Objectives of this Benchmarking Study This automobile study for Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) was completed under a three-year research grant from the Sloan Foundation. The project’s overall purpose has been to examine in…...

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