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Fleishman Center * Career and professional development center for students * Resume building * Mock interviews * Private interview rooms for phone calls and no interruptions * Job and career fair held annually

Center for Civic Engagement * Office that helps to get students involved with the community * Offers help on finding internships based on your interests * Volunteering opportunities * Soup kitchen story

Marketplace and Bookstore * 12 stations, large variety and fairly new * temporary, students can vote every two years on a station * moghul was voted in, a local indian cuisine restaurant * meal plan works but not subsidized like dining halls, talk more about that later * bookstore has apparel, mini-mart station, trinkets * upstairs has books, can preorder books and have them shipped to your house before the semester to beat the long lines * rent, buy and sell, sell back to make money back story

Upstairs in Union * M&T Bank, student accounts * No minimum balance, 4atms, easy way to transfer money from parents to student * Dean of students office down the hall, April Thompson, very welcoming to students, encourages them to come in and talk to her * Student Association, completely student run by undergraduate students, functions as a student government with 3 branches * They host an event every semester including frost fest, spring fling, and fall and spring concerts. * Green day, trey songs, drake have performed

Academic Complex * Academic A – School of management * Two majors, accounting and business administration, concentrations available * Academic B – Decker School of Nursing * Very competitive, Sims family of robots to test on instead of humans * Clinicals begin junior year so majority of academics is done in first two years * Academic advising – not assigned to a counselor so that you can receive several oppinions. * Can make appointments with a requested counselor if you like one specifically

Lecture Hall * Larger classes such as gen eds held in largest lecture hall close to 450 people seat * Tell story about kevin oakes theatre 102 * Microphones worn and iclickers for attendance * Smaller lecture halls available * Classes large and get smaller as you get more specialized into your major. * Classes over 60 must have discussion section held by TA, discuss class materials and clarify information * Professors are required to have office hours for students to come to them to talk and receive help. Get to know your professor on a personal level.

Library * Open 24/5 , finals week 24/7 * Mac and pc friendly, open to your preference * Printing included in your tuition. Given a quota for printing but nobody ever reaches it, I know people who print out textbooks * Professors can put class textbook on reserve at the library so you can go to library and use the textbook instead of buying it * 4 floors, study rooms accessible to study in groups * librarians are very resourceful, can help you find any book * 3rd largest library in the nation and 11th largest library in the world because of the inter-library loans system * interlibrary loans system allows for books to be transferred from suny school to suny school. * Science library is located across campus, have special hours * Wifi is available all across campus with your pods username and password. * Greek life, social vs professional flags; networking and furthering career connections, volunteering with frats/fraternities, definitely not forced on students, about 11% of student body is a part of greek life.

Computer Center/Engineering * Campus safety: blue lights, raccoon story, campus police, harpurs ferry, safe ride van, gated community after midnight have to show ID to get onto campus * Computer Center: help with software issues, will help install Microsoft office which is free for Binghamton students, computer tech in each residence hall for your convenience, help configure campus printers to your computer so you can print on your way to class and pick it up instead of having to wait in line for a printer, help installing programs needed for research programs.
Old Union * Nightlife: latenite Binghamton 9-1am, free food and fun competitions and activities * Bowling alley at discounted game price, pool tables, ping pong tables * In-limbo movies playing * Munchies: place to have your suit cleaned and grab a soda/snack, makes for a cheap date * Clubs: over 200 on campus ranging from hula hooping to zombie association * Club sports vs D1 athletics, still play other colleges when playing club * Can make your own club, need 200 signatures to be SA approved * Tell about Bearcat Motorsports Team * Transportation/bus stop outside: taxis available, busses run all of the time, freshman cannot have cars on campus * Activities to do in Binghamton: first Friday art walk, restaurant week, bmets and senators, ross park zoo

Residence Halls * Newing, Dickinson, CIW, Hinman, Mountainview * Newing- corridor style with semi private bathrooms, three rooms will share two bathrooms * Dickinson- flat style. Rooms either have two doubles and a single with a common area and bathrooms or rooms have 4 singles with common areas and bathrooms * CIW – corridor and suite style, corridor rooms share bathrooms on each floor, cleaned everyday. Suite style cleaned once a week. * Hinman and mountainview are both suite style housing 4/6 people. * Housing survey can be filled out to let us know your preferences and roommate compatibility to make sure we find a comfortable fit for you. * Roomates can be requested and you will be placed together if the request is mutual. * Each dorm community has their own traditions, casino in the woods, newing navy, corec football, color wars, volleyball * Once the weather is nice, students are outside being active * Dining halls have many options, meal plans accustomed to your own intake * Alacarte option rather than buffet, pay per what you take. * Leftover money flows over to next semester * Dining halls will fit to your needs, personal chefs to prepare foods based on allergies * Nightowl for late night foods…...

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