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How to Disable AutoRun in Windows 8
April 23, 2013 in Featured, How To's, Microsoft Surface How To's, Windows General How To's, Windows How To's

While AutoRun lets you play your favorite digital media automatically, it opens up vulnerable doors on your PC at the same time. Any malicious code can easily be injected to your PC using the AutoRun feature, so it’s a good idea to keep it turned OFF. Here’s how you can disable the AutoRun feature in Windows 8 and keep your PC safe from virus and other threats.
I. Disabling AutoRun in Windows 8:
1. Open the Run Box by pressing Windows Logo+R keys together.
2. Type in gpedit.msc and hit ENTER.

Type in gpedit.msc and hit ENTER
3. The Group Policy Editor will open. Navigate to the following location in the Editor:
Computer Configuration>>Administrative Templates>>Windows Components>>AutoPlay Policies
4. Once there, double-click on the entry in the right-hand side that says Turn off Autoplay.

Click on Turn off Autoplay
5. Select Enabled and All drives as shown in the screenshot below:

Select Enable and All drives
6. Hit Apply and you’re good to go!
Cool! The AutoRun feature has been disabled on your Windows 8 and this will certainly help you keep your PC safe from any malicious codes that come attached with USB and other digital media devices., your source for how to root, hack, and mod to unlock your device's true potential. Look for your device here to get started.
Need a custom ROM? Check out our ROM Repository to view all the ROMs available for your device.

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