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What if you could stop time, what would you do? Would you read more books, catch up on television shows, explore the world, contemplate the existence of life or perhaps be deviant? Two groups of people who, I think, would like to experience timelessness are artists and gamers, of which I am both. Not only for the practical reasons of getting things done, but for the quality of the experience each work of art or video game can give. I have a considerable library of games across multiple systems. However, I don't have nearly enough time to play them all, especially in a world where newer games are coming out each day. I have thought of a number of times I wish I had a device like the “Hyperbolic Time Chamber” from the anime series Dragon Ball; which would allow the one that entered it to experience a whole years’ time within the span of a single day. Granted the characters of the series used it to train themselves to fight their newest threat. My purpose would be different, it would give me the time to get though the games I either; found boring at the time, something new came out or have yet to play. Another reason, is to experience full immersion. To be totally entranced within the game, where the world around seems to disappear and the player feels a part of the game; as if they are standing next to the player controlled character or even are the character. Something similar I can compare it to is; when I try to fall a sleep, I find it helpful to focus on a piece of music until I feel it encompasses the space around me, I usually fall asleep after a period of time. Because of the intense visuals and quality of the soundtrack it allows me to fill in my other senses while playing; the heat of flames or the smells of a field. The other group that would want to experience timelessness is Artists. Working on projects, from time to time, I have become totally engrossed on the piece. During this focus I have felt each brush stroke, each stipple, each hatch mark as an extension of my very soul. Color after color, bringing life to what was a mere drawing moments ago and before long the shapes start to make forms. And without noticing five hours have passed in what felt like moments. The only word I can say describes it is transcendent, because it is truly as if I'm being transported to another world. As well, for the practical reason of building a portfolio. Every artist, emerging and professional, would love the time to just spend creating work. Whether it is experimenting with new mediums, combining mediums or developing my own specific style; every artist needs to keep creative. As an art professor told me too, “Entertain multiple portfolios, it will help you to keep creative.” This same professor is spending time each day in her studio, and working on thee distinct bodies of work. The idea create large bodies of work and that takes time; with the eventual goal of getting a job in the industry. Unfortunately, time constraints hold me back from continually prolonging these moments. I would love to just make art and play games; day in, day out. Thus, being both an artist and a video gamer, I would love to experience timelessness, not just for individual experiences, but for the practical reason of getting things done; video games or art. However, important time commitments get in the way; school, work, church, family etc. I wouldn't cancel any of those, because at the same time it is healthy to keep in touch with the world around you.…...

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