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The Welding Experience

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The Welding Experience.
The sun's rays hit my eyes as if to cause a prick as I opened the gigantic mahogany door, commanding my reflexes to quickly pull out my hand to cover some amount of the beams for better visibility. It was one of those hot summer afternoons. The temperature levels were very high. Conversely, I felt cooler in comparison with close to 120 degrees temperature of my area of work. I pierced my eyes through the parking lot as I shielded them from the bright glare of light that bounced off the windscreens. I had somehow succeeded in avoiding the sun though my sight remained blurred due to the sweat sipping into my eyes. This gave the feeling of swimming in the salty waters with eyes wide open. My clothes were no exception, it emphasized the likeness of me having been swimming in the ocean. Unknowingly, I tried to wipe the perspiration using my shirt but my reflexes for the first time betrayed me. I had worsened the situation since my attire was also a victim of the excretion. Luckily, I was now able to figure out the sense of the surrounding and the parking lot at large. I quickly maneuvered towards my automobile.
Regrettably, General Electric owns a parking space that would rival most major parks. Executives and actual employees did not have a problem reaching their parking spot, unlike us welding interns who were reserved parking at the very behind of the lot, roughly a mile away from the building. I had been dodging cars as I walked across the parking lot for what seemed like eternity. My car felt further than I thought due to the scorching sun and the immense heat. The long wait was over, I finally caught a glimpse of my jeep through the massive haze, and I needed to console myself that the lot indeed had come to an end and that it did not get submerged by the horizon. I was hesitant to get in when I finally arrived at my car.
Exhaustion was…...

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