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The Trajectory of a Small Ball as It Rolls Off a Surface Which Is Inclined to the Horizontal

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Tutorial 3: Projectile motion and Laws of motion.

Two crickets, Chirpy and Milada, jump from the top of a vertical cliff. Chirpy just drops from a vertical cliff with a height of 350 m, while Milada jumps horizontally with an initial speed of 8.0 m/s . How far from the base of the cliff will Milada hit the ground? [67.6 m]


A ball is given an initial velocity of 30.0 m/s at an angle of 60.0o with respect to the horizontal. What are the horizontal and vertical displacements after 5.00 s? [75.0 m, 7.40 m]


A soccer player kicks the ball toward a goal that is 16.8 m in front of him. The ball leaves his foot at a speed of 16.0 m/s and an angle of 28.0° above the ground. Find the speed of the ball when the goalie catches it in front of the net. [14.7 m/s]


The best leaper in the animal kingdom is the puma, which can jump to a height of 3.7 m when leaving the ground at an angle of 45°. With what speed must the animal leave the ground to reach that height? [12 m/s]


A fireman d = 50.0 m away from a burning building directs a stream of water from a ground-level fire hose at an angle of i = 30.0° above the horizontal as shown in figure. If the speed of the stream as it leaves the hose is vi
= 40.0 m/s, at what height will the stream of water strike the building? [18.6 m]


A projectile is launched from ground level at an angle of 15.0° above the horizontal. It returns to ground level. To what value should the launch angle be adjusted, without changing the launch speed, so that the range doubles? [45.0o]


A 75 kg man standing on a scale in an elevator notes that as the elevator rises, the scale reads
825 N. What is the acceleration of the elevator? [1.2 m/s2]


Find the tension in each cable supporting the 600 N cat burglar in figure. [997
N, 796 N]


A 970-kg car starts from rest on a…...

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