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The Survival Rate of Graduating Students

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In Partial fulfillment of the subject RESEARCH

Of Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation


March 2014




Our Families and Relatives

Our Friends

And also




Who understood and supported our ideas and choices, may they never stop on supporting us. We also thank them for the encouragement that they give us. The familial advices that we should never forget along the way to adulthood


To those of us that have brothers and or sisters, we greatly thank them for any probable help and any assistance. For those plenty times that they have spent with us and how they kept us awake when we did the research.


On the behalf of us researchers we would like to commemorate this thesis as a gift and proving article as a testimony on how much of a great instructor to us, we would like to extend our thanks to you by getting high grades.


We would not be here without our beloved friends whom accompanied us on trying times and of good times, without them, everyday life would be boring and dull. We thank them for giving our lives a happy one, our memories of you will never dwindle.


Furthermore, our greatest inspiration, the ones that thought us all that we know, may they never stop giving the quality education that we all need and also that sincere, charismatic, professional and caring personality, we will always be great full of your teachings. We owe so much from you.


On the behalf of us in our section and also our group, we, Richard Dean F. Medalla,…...

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