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The Skeleton of Buildings -- Deformed Steel Bar

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GAC012 Assessment 3: Project – Written Report

The Skeleton of Buildings -- Deformed Steel Bar

Student’s Name: Cherish Zhang
Student ID #: WSH25059
Teacher: Joel Baker
Due Date: 20 September 2013
Word Count: 1103

Table of Contents
Executive summary1
1.0 Introduction2
1.1 Objectives of research2
1.2 Context2
1.3 Background2
1.4 Thesis a statement3
2.0 Methods3
2.1 Data collection methods3
2.2 Addressing the research objectives4
3.0 Findings4
3.1 Key competitor 4
3.2 SWTO analysis and marketing mixes 4
3.3 Summary of findings6
4.0 Discussion7
4.1 Findings interpretation7
4.2 Effectiveness of the research7
5.0 Conclusions and Recommendations8
5.1 Preferred marketing mix for the Rebar8
5.2 Competitive edge9
Reference 10

Executive summary
Real estate becomes the hot business in China; also, it means the business market is very popular. However, thousands of building based on structures, the Deformed Steel Bar is regarded the most important part in steels, it becomes the objectives of this research. This report was to find out people prefer buy Rebar in Egang or Wugang and why. Field survey, interviewing and internet sites were adopted in this research. It is found that the service and the percent of pass are the vital factors determine the consumers’ choice. So two marketing mixes (MM1 and MM2) were made based on them. With the low price, promised the percent of pass and the good service, MM1 will lead the Rebar in Egang become the king in Wuhan.

1.0 Introduction
1.1 Objectives of research
The purpose of the research is to choose a best marketing mix to promote the Rebar from Egang, besides; it was to identify the key competitor and analyzed its marketing mix.
1.2 Context
Rebar is the building material which has various sizes, like the regular used sizes: 10, 12, 16,…...

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