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The School Climate & the New Principal

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Role of a New Principal. Matthews, Machelle, 2004: Applied Dissertation Proposal, Nova Southeastern University, Fischler Graduate School of Education and Human Services. School Climate/Principal/Leadership/New School

The purpose of this study is to investigate the elements of school climate as it relates to a new principal in a new school. This study will determine whether teacher informants consider the school climate at Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary as favorable after the first year of enrollment. It will also analyze specific aspects of the school climate as it relates to specific principal practices.

The school climate will be measured using a survey developed by the National Association of Secondary Schools (NASSP). Differences in responses among the nine scales will be assessed using the Analysis of Variance, comparing responses for significant differences. Data from the survey will be interpreted and analyzed using SPSS software.

The results of this particular study will provide principals and other stakeholders a means of analyzing the principal's role in regard to developing a positive school climate for a new school setting. The findings could provide insight for the principal and staff members for future activities that lend themselves to continue professional growth and development in regard to school climate.

The role of the school principal is sometimes quite diverse. The principal takes the lead to set and improve the school curriculum, guides teachers in determining the best objectives for the students, chooses high quality learning opportunities for the pupils to attain those objectives, and helps select reliable assessment methods to determine whether or not the aims have been met (Ediger, 90). Developing the interests of the pupils is also an important aspect of the principal's work.

The principal sets the tone for school and is…...

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